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On March 21, an extreme wind and rain "atmospheric river" smacked San Francisco as demonstrators showed up and cut up for climate justice. Elder activists portrayed our anticipated climate future with street theater in front of Wells Fargo headquarters and sang out new lyrics to tunes familiar to their generation. A coalition of environmental groups that organized the event included a new movement of people aged 60 and beyond called Third Act.
Sat Mar 11 2023 (Updated 03/13/23)
Palestinians Demand Freedom at Israeli Consulate in SF
In Israel, the reascension to power of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to head an extreme Zionist government in Israel has provoked huge protests, even spreading to the Israeli military. Settler terrorism against Palestinians, while rampant before, has even more leeway under the new government. A series of protests against the occupation and moves to disempower Israeli courts have happened in San Francisco.
Mon Mar 6 2023 (Updated 03/09/23)
Activists Demand Right to Rescue Farm Animals
On February 15, activists gathered at the office of Merced County District Attorney Nicole Silveira to ask her to prosecute documented criminal animal cruelty and worker abuse at Foster Farms’ slaughterhouse in Livingston, instead of prosecuting the individuals who rescued two animals from just outside the facility. Two women are being charged with theft, with the trial set to begin March 7 at Merced County Superior Court.
The news of Chevron’s record profits and record oil and gas production in the U.S. comes as data from the Bureau of Land Management reveals that President Biden approved more oil and gas drilling permits in his first two years in office than former President Trump. Legislation is under consideration in California to establish a windfall profits cap on how much oil refiners can make in profit per gallon of gasoline.
The University of California Berkeley has the largest number of human remains of Native Americans, in violation of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. UC Berkeley has the remains of at least 9,075 Native Americans that it has not made available for return. Only one percent have been offered for return, in violation of the NAGPRA law. UCB continues to hoard the remains and artifacts in its possession.
On January 7, Tyre Nichols was savagely beaten by Memphis police, dying three days later. The first Bay Area demonstrations were called in both San Francisco and Oakland upon released video on January 27. In the days since, a march was held in Oakland, an Oakland police cruiser was set on fire, and a rally was held in Menlo Park. The ILWU stopped work to demand the release of Mumia Abu-Jamal, joined by Tyre Nichols' siblings.
Fri Feb 17 2023 (Updated 02/21/23)
No Free Speech or Democracy with Oligarchy
On October 27, Elon Musk purchased the social media company Twitter for $44 billion. He proceeded to gut infrastructure and slash workers, including unionized janitorial staff. Musk welcomed back avowed neo-Nazis while banning leftist accounts and critical journalists. A series of protests have been held at Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco. A huge mural was painted on the street: "No Free Speech or Democracy with Oligarchy."
The year 2023 could have been a moment to celebrate the half century of reproductive choice afforded by Roe v Wade. Instead, post-Roe, women are resisting further attacks. On January 21, San Francisco turned out to counter-protest the annual so-called "Walk for Life," when thousands are bussed in to demand a total end to reproductive freedom. On January 22, dozens of Women's Marches were held in cities throughout the country.
Sat Jan 14 2023 (Updated 01/16/23)
Time to Close Guantanamo Prison
CodePink hosted a demonstration and press conference at U.C. Berkeley Law School on January 11, the 21st anniversary of Guantanamo Prison. The demand was for the Biden administration to close Guantanamo, free the 20 men cleared for release yet still detained, and prosecute U.C. law professor John Yoo for complicity in torture. It was John Yoo who provided the legalistic rationale for torture at US prisons throughout the world.
Sat Dec 24 2022 (Updated 12/27/22)
Unholy Days and Nights in Bethlehem
On December 25, Bethlehem commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a holy time of year for residents and visitors. Many people picture a sleepy, picturesque town surrounded by hills, dotted with sheep, but the reality in the city of Bethlehem is much different. It is a historic and troubled town. Since the municipal Christmas tree was lit on December 3, Israeli forces and settlers have committed a number of human rights abuses in the area.
Mink "liberation season" generally runs June through October in the US. This year, the season ran a little late, but turned out to be the largest in nearly a decade. Four mink "farms" across Ohio and Michigan were targeted by the Animal Liberation Front in November and December. Perhaps 16,000 mink were freed in the actions. Lion Farms, the largest mink farm in the US, is closing on December 23 as a result of the ALF action.
Even though KPFA was not a party in the matter, US Marshals seized $305,000 of KPFA’s cash reserves to pay for a monetary judgment against the Pacifica Foundation, its parent organization. The asset seizure resulted from a defamation lawsuit filed by John Vernile, former director of Pacifica, against programmers of WBAI in New York. Pacifica lawyers filed an appeal against the judgement, but KPFA is now facing layoffs and a massive budget shortfall.
Wed Dec 7 2022 (Updated 12/09/22)
TERFs Told to "Get Out of Oakland!"
On December 5, several anti-trans TERF groups staged a rally on the steps of the René C. Davidson courthouse in Oakland. Not a single person showed up to support their cause. After they took turns reading short scripts on the courthouse steps, they walked over to Lake Merritt. At that point, trans-rights activists ran up and shouted "Get out of Oakland!" Both of the TERF banners were snatched away from them, while they were served cream pies and eggs.
Thu Nov 24 2022 (Updated 11/25/22)
UC Workers Strike in Protest of Unfair Labor Practices
On November 14, 48,000 University of California workers walked off the job. They continue to hold the line as they work toward a fair contract. The teaching assistants, researchers, and post doctoral researchers are represented by United Auto Workers. Union organizers said that the strike will continue until UC ends its unfair labor practices and starts bargaining in good faith. Many faculty members are striking in solidarity.
Sun Nov 13 2022 (Updated 11/14/22)
Fears of Nuclear War Give Rise to Nationwide Protests
It has been 60 years since the the Cuban Missile Crisis, and now may be the closest the world has been to a nuclear war since then. In October, anti-war activists in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Central Valley joined others across the nation to demand that elected leaders work to reduce the risk of nuclear war. On November 10, Youth vs Apocalypse, CodePink, Veterans for Peace and others rallied at Lockheed Martin's San Francisco office.
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