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text Sign the petition to PBS: Schools Inc. Is right-wing propaganda-Air the documentary by Diane Ravitch
PBS is pushing a propaganda series to push privatization of education in the US and there is a campaign to call for another documentary to show...
Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:54AM
calendar Community Feed before Occupy Oakland General Assembly by Occupy Oakland
Oscar Grant Plaza amphitheater, outside City Hall 500 14th St., Oakland, CA...
Event Date: Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:00PM
Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:24PM
image PCC Mark Rocha Lied, Pushed Privatization, Workplace Bullying, Sexism and Union Busting 480_rocha_mark_no_confidence_rally_1.jpeg by repost
PCC Mark Rocha Lied, Pushed Privatization, Workplace Bullying, Sexism and Union Busting-Now the San Francisco Community College Board Want To Hire Him At $330,000 a year. Apparently they want to further privatization, union busting, sexism and workplace bullying at the San Francisco college system by appointing Mark Rocha to run the SFCC. "President Rocha impeded student success, violated student and faculty trust, and, in general, brought about destructive rather than constructive change a...
Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:27PM
calendar Justice for Philando Castile - Rally and March 480_19225282_1915134812058268_5068752587022079409_n_1.jpg by Justice
Oscar Grant Plaza (14th/Broadway) Oakland, CA...
Event Date: Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:00PM
Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:03PM
calendar Justice4Pedie Community Meeting legcy_of_pedie_perez_2017-06-24-v3.pdf_140_.jpg by Eugene E. Ruyle
Richmond Public Library, Whittlesey Community Room 325 Civic Center Plaza. Richmond, CA  94804...
Event Date: Sat Jun 24, 2017 4:00PM
Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:41PM
audio Behind Russia-gate...6-12-17 Weapons Stn. Protest...6-13-17 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 42.8mb) by DJ Mouse
Audio from yesterday's 5300 Port Chicago Highway protest over dropping white phosphorus in Yemen and the biggest WMD since Nagasaki on Afghan-Pakistan border...on same takfiris nos Gringos y Gringas covertly support in Syria and Libya...
Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:28PM
calendar Police Commission Legislation: Oakland Public Safety Committee by Coalition for Police Accountability
Hearing Room 1 City Hall, off Oscar Grant Plaza 500 14th St Oakland, CA 94612...
Event Date: Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:00PM
Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:36PM
image "US Uniting Against Warf" Jeremy Corbyn on 10/20/07 at SF ILWU Local 10 480_ilwu_mayday2008-1_1.jpg by Transport Workers Solidarity Committee
On 10/20/07 a Labor Conference Against The War was held at ILWU Local 10 and Jeremy Corbyn who was against the war and a UK MP spoke to the conference along with former UK RMT president Bob Crow. Also Jeremy Corbyn returned to ILWU Local 10 on December 27, 2016....
Posted: Fri Jun 9, 2017 11:02AM
image Time to Revisit All-Volunteer Needle Exchange 480_18891699_10155529045959739_1950062665863627233_o_1.jpg by Steve Pleich
Needle Exchange is Not the Problem, It is the Solution...
Posted: Wed Jun 7, 2017 4:19PM
text California’s Attorney General Asks EPA to Ban Brain-Harming Pesticide by Safe Ag Safe Schools/Lucia Calderon
California Attorney General (AG) Xavier Becerra joined six other states in urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to follow through on a proposed ban for the brain-harming pesticide chlorpyrifos, in a legal filing made public today. Farmworker families and people living in agricultural communities urge state officials to follow the AG’s call for federal action with immediate steps to protect farmworkers and communities from contaminated air and water caused by continued use of ...
Posted: Wed Jun 7, 2017 10:43AM
text The EPA’s Inspector General Is Probing Whether An Agency Staffer Colluded With Monsanto by Peace Witch
The EPA’s Inspector General Is Probing Whether An Agency Staffer Colluded With Monsanto...
Posted: Wed Jun 7, 2017 9:25AM
calendar Mark Oshiro and Denise Benavides at Writers With Drinks! mark-oshiro.jpg by Charlie Jane Anders
The Make Out Room, 3225 22nd St., San Francisco CA 94117...
Event Date: Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:30PM
Posted: Mon Jun 5, 2017 12:40PM
calendar #DefundOPD - Rally and City Council by Defund OPD
Oscar Grant Plaza amphitheater, Oakland City Hall 14th & Broadway, Oakland, CA...
Event Date: Tue May 30, 2017 4:30PM
Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 5:53PM
image From Memorial Day to Juneteenth ~ Honoring US Colored Troops in the Civil War 480_14063731_1445176118829627_6476378543285496084_n_1_1_1_1_1.jpg by Khubaka, Michael Harris
President Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation in the dark days of the Civil War, announcing on September 22, 1862, that if the rebels did not end the fighting and rejoin the Union by January 1, 1863, he would issue a “war measure” to free all slaves in the rebellious states....
Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 7:18AM
text Victory in 40 Days Due to International and Community Support by Stop US Aid to Israel
"While further information about the agreement has not yet been released, news indicates that further achievements of the strike also center on the issue of family visits, including access to more relatives including grandparents and grandchildren; improved communication, especially between imprisoned children and women and their families, and the installation of public telephones; easing security prohibitions and the frequent bans on family visit imposed by the Israeli prison administration....
Posted: Sat May 27, 2017 6:45PM
image Juneteenth Flag Raising Ceremony at the Pentagon with Defense Secretary Mattis 480_70125-d-gy869-106c_1.jpg by Khubaka, Michael Harris
Monday, June 19, 2017, Defense Secretary Mattis will honor the sacrifice by US Colored Army, Navy and Marines at the US Pentagon placing our National Juneteenth Holiday Celebration to an elevated prominence far beyond the current notion of “Gone With the Wind” and lack of appreciation....
Posted: Sat May 27, 2017 12:06PM
calendar Community Feed before Occupy Oakland General Assembly by Occupy Oakland
Oscar Grant Plaza amphitheater, outside City Hall 14th & Broadway, Oakland, CA...
Event Date: Sun May 28, 2017 3:00PM
Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 7:35AM
calendar Cracking the Codes - A Community Film/Dialogue 480_cracking-the-codes_1.jpg by SCCCOR
Watsonville City Government Building 275 Main St, Ste 400 Watsonville, California 95076...
Event Date: Thu Jun 1, 2017 6:00PM
Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 8:39PM
calendar Oakland City Council Budget Hearing by Friends of Public Bank of Oakland
Oakland City Hall, Oscar Grant Plaza...
Event Date: Tue May 30, 2017 5:30PM
Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 3:25PM
image FightBack against City Manager's Anti-Homeless Signs at City Hall 480_santa-cruz-city-hall-personal-survival-property_1.jpg by Robert Norse
Throughout the past week, unhoused folks, who some call the Survival Sleepers, have defied the latest drive-em-out edicts of City Manager Martin Bernal. Other activists are planning protests at City Council next Tuesday. Bernal has refused to answer simple questions about his newly posted signs. Mayor Chase in a recent interview refused to put the issue on the May 23rd Agenda for Public Discussion and Vote....
Posted: Sat May 20, 2017 11:44AM