image Granite Construction Will Not Bid on Trump's Wall 480_brown-berets-fuck-the-wall_1.jpg by No One Is Illegal
According to an email to Santa Cruz City Councilmember Chris Krohn, Granite Construction will not be putting in a bid to build Trump’s wall. Watsonville and Salinas Brown Berets say, "Fuck The Wall!"...
Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:04PM
image Santa Cruz City Council to Vote on Divesting from Trump’s Wall, DAPL Banks Resolutions 480_santa_cruz_city_council_dapl_resolution_1.jpg by via Santa Cruz Defunds Injustice
Santa Cruz, California - Two highly anticipated divestment resolutions will come before the Santa Cruz City Council for a vote during its April 25 meeting. One resolution aims to divest the city from companies involved in the construction of President Donald Trump’s controversial US-Mexico border wall, while the other targets banks financing the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL). If both pass, the city will divest funds from companies like Granite Construction who seek to construct the proposed b...
Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:48PM
calendar Holocaust Remembrance Day protest at ICE by Refuse Fascism
630 Sansome St., San Francisco, CA...
Event Date: Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:00PM
Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:22AM
calendar May Day Tribute: How to Make Sanctuary Real 480_ida-b-wells.jpg by Freedom Socialist Party
New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St., San Francisco (at Ellis near Civic Center BART/Muni; on/near #19, #31, #38, #47 Muni bus lines)...
Event Date: Sat May 6, 2017 2:00PM
Posted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:51PM
text Oakland City Council votes to establish sanctuary workplaces by Lynda Carson
As a sanctuary city, the Trump regime has threatened to withhold around $30 million in federal funding from Oakland, including funding from the Community Development Block Grant program, and around $2,159,809 from the Home program!...
Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:57AM
calendar 100 Days No Ban Dance Party 480_17903929_1952476921648666_5801095449894681511_n_1.jpg by 100 days action
Gray Area Art + Technology, 2665 Mission St, San Francisco, California 94110
Event Date: Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:00PM
Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:12PM
calendar Borders in Central America - The Impact of US Policy 480_cispes-committee-in-solidarity-people-el-salvador_1.jpg by Karl Kramer
Redstone Building at 2940 16th Street (between Mission and S. Van Ness) San Francisco...
Event Date: Fri May 12, 2017 6:00PM
Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:38AM
text The People vs. George Gascon by ntuit
The District Attorney Should Defer To The Community in Police Killings...
Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:22PM
calendar Chris Hedges on "Overcoming Fascism" 480_chris_hedges_2017.acopy_1.jpg by Bob Baldock
First Presbyterian Church, 2407 Dana, Berkeley, CA...
Event Date: Thu May 25, 2017 7:30PM
Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:53AM
audio Interview with Arely Westley of BreakOUT! (audio/x-wav 203.1mb) by WTUL News and Views
"BreakOUT! is a real good family more than an organization. We are a family where we love and support one another."...
Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:39PM
calendar Stop Sheriff Ahern's Cooperation with ICE 480_trump_tuesday_sheriff_ahern_2_by_terri_kay_1.jpg by Workers World Party
Glen Dyer Jail (one of Sheriff Ahern's offices) on 7th St side, between Clay & Jefferson Oakland, CA 94607...
Event Date: Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:00PM
Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:15PM
text Lawsuit Targets Trump's Border Wall, Enforcement Program by Center for Biological Diversity
Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva Joins Center for Biological Diversity in Suit Against DHS...
Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:13PM
calendar May Day Town Hall 480_flyer_-_may_day_town_hall_-_biblioteca_latinoamericana_-_20170415_en.jpg by Anakbayan, SJPJC, ...
Biblioteca Latinoamericana 921 South 1st Street San Jose, CA 95110...
Event Date: Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:00PM
Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:37PM
calendar March and Protest - National Strike! 480_screen_shot_2017-04-11_at_11.24.27_am.jpg by Mike Rhodes
Courthouse Park (Tulare and Van Ness) in downtown Fresno...
Event Date: Mon May 1, 2017 3:00PM
Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:30AM
calendar Reece Jones in conversation with Ingrid Rojas Contreras 480_violent-borders_1.jpg by City Lights Bookstore
City Lights Bookstore. 261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94133....
Event Date: Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:00PM
Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:16AM
image Autopsy Diagram of Luís Góngora Pat, Killed by SFPD on April 7, 2016 480_autopsy-diagram-luis-gongora-pat_1.jpg by Justice 4 Luís
The Justice & Honor for Luís Góngora Pat Coalition has created an autopsy diagram based on the official report of the Office of the Medical Examiner. We believe the Office of the Medical Examiner did not include a diagram to avoid giving the public a visual image of the harm done to Luis. We believe the public is entitled to as full transparency as possible around the facts of the case. As we learn more facts, we will adjust and improve our narrative of what happened that day....
Posted: Sat Apr 8, 2017 2:33PM
image Family of Luís Góngora in Teabo, Yucatán on the One-Year Anniversary of His Killing by SFPD 480_familia-luis-teabo-guardian-ivan-gabaldon_1.jpg by Justice 4 Luís
Message from the Family of Luís Góngora Pat on his anniversary of death to be delivered by his cousin Carlos Poot Pat, on Friday, April 7, 2017, 1:00p.m. at the door of City Hall in San Francisco, California. (Versión en español enseguida de versión en inglés)...
Posted: Fri Apr 7, 2017 9:20AM
calendar CISPES Meeting 480_cispes.jpg by Allan Fisher
Corazon del Pueblo, 4814 International Blvd. Oakland (Fruitvale)...
Event Date: Sun Apr 9, 2017 2:30PM
Posted: Thu Apr 6, 2017 4:24PM
calendar Oakland Sin Fronteras: May 1 International Workers' Day March and General Strike 480_may-day-2017_1.jpg by Judy Greenspan
Meet at Fruitvale Plaza (Fruitvale BART Station/Oakland)...
Event Date: Mon May 1, 2017 3:00PM
Posted: Thu Apr 6, 2017 3:57PM
calendar Immigration Town Hall by Elizabeth Montgomery
Napa Valley College Performing Arts Center, 2277 College Way, Napa, California 94558...
Event Date: Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:30PM
Posted: Thu Apr 6, 2017 8:46AM