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Wednesday Oct 22
6PM #O22 Nat'l Day of Protest Against Police...
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Mon Oct 8 2007 (Updated 12/21/13) SDIMC Temporary Newswire is Open for Publishing
San Diego Indymedia Temporary Newswire on Indybay The San Diego Indymedia website has been down since late August because of tech problems. After exploring the options, SDIMC volunteers decided to work on remaking the server from scratch by installing new system software and a new open source content management system, drupal, using a nonhierarchical, skill-share oriented process.

In the interim, the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center has kindly offered to host a dedicated San Diego newswire (indybay.org/sandiego), which SDIMC volunteers will participate in editing. Features related to stories on that newswire will appear at sandiego.indymedia.org. Read More

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30,000 people demand that Big Oil Brown halt offshore fracking Dan Bacher (1 comment)
Sunday Nov 16th 7:19 PM
Save the Ché Café photo blog via cb
Wednesday Nov 5th 12:49 PM
18th Annual, Africa Trade and Business Conference Vickie Butcher
Monday Oct 6th 11:54 AM
Internation Child Trafficking Through San Diego Courts: Parents Seek Secret Records San Diego Court Watchers (1 comment)
Sunday Sep 28th 3:23 PM
Great Zine on Collective Housing Strategies and Tactics The Ant Hill Collective
Thursday Aug 28th 7:02 PM
Lawsuit Launched to Protect San Diego's Vanishing Wetlands From Airport Runway Project Center for Biological Diversity
Thursday Aug 14th 10:40 PM
Black and Pink-San Diego PUNK SPA FUNDRAISER Black and Pink SD
Thursday Jul 10th 2:55 AM
TLGB Community Members DEMAND Police Accountability Cathy Mendonca
Thursday Jul 10th 2:47 AM
The fight to save the Che Cafe escalates. Action required Chris Burnett
Monday Jul 7th 12:06 PM
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