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Santa Cruz Police Department Partners with 7-Eleven Stores to Indoctrinate Kids
by Santa Cruz Police News
Wednesday Jul 30th, 2014 1:57 AM
The Santa Cruz Police Department announced they will be partnering with 7-Eleven stores to launch "Operation Chill," which is code for a program that attempts to affect the behavior of kids, and change their perception of the police department, by bribing them with free slurpees.

SCPD issued the press release on July 28:

"Courtesy of 7–Eleven, officers are hitting the streets with “Operation Chill” coupons. When officers observe kids exhibiting good behavior, they can issue an “Operation Chill” coupon. The coupons are good for a FREE small Slurpee® drink at any one of the four 7–Eleven Stores in the City of Santa Cruz. "

The press release included additional free advertising for the local 7-Eleven stores by including their store addresses.

The press release goes on:

"Since its inception in 1995, Operation Chill has allowed police departments to issue more than 12.5 million coupons, or “tickets” to kids in communities throughout the country."

"Jeff Hetherington, the local Asset Protection Manager for 7–Eleven commented, “This program is a big hit with both law enforcement agencies and kids. Police officers enjoy having a positive reason to approach kids and thank them for being good citizens, and the kids love the interaction, and of course, the Slurpee”."

"The program will last for as long as the coupons do."
§SCPD/Operation Chill Press Release
by Santa Cruz Police News Wednesday Jul 30th, 2014 1:57 AM