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Mideast Migraines - The end of 'both sides'
by Ren Tawil ( mideastmadness [at] gmx.com )
Monday Jun 23rd, 2014 6:12 PM
Mourning Casey Kasem; Israel's occupation of the West Bank is indefensible; five things to know about Presbyterian divestment; music by Aza.

Length: 1:53:02/ Date Recorded: 2014-06-23/ Location: Santa Cruz, CA/ File info: 64Kbps, mp3 (79MB), Mono
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ren6-23-14_theendofbothsides.mp3 77.6MB

The Israel-Palestine conflict as seen by the host, an Arab-American, whose father was a native-born Jerusalemite Christian who became a displaced (de facto exiled) person following the events of May 1948. Mostly reading from internet dispatches, both e-mail and website, augmented with excerpts from books etc. Occasional guests.

Credits: FRSC Collective, ADC, JVP & Rebecca Vilkomerson, Xinhua, HA'ARETZ & Jack Khoury, ATFP, Max Fisher, Aza