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2014 Monterey County Law Enforcement Misconduct Timeline
by Monterey County Police News
Wednesday May 28th, 2014 11:12 PM
In the last three months across Monterey County there has been so much tragic news about police victims and law enforcement abuses. What should be done?

February 25 - Six King City police officers and one civilian were arrested in connection to a plot to target low income Hispanic people by ordering their vehicles towed and then keeping the cars when the owners could not pay the impound fees. The police officers allegedly kept the cars for themselves or sold them for money. See:

March 1 - John Nyunt, a former police commander with the Pacific Grove Police Department, was arrested March 1 at his home in Monterey and booked on felony charges of committing criminal threats in violation of Penal Code section 422. The victim of the threats is his former wife Kristin Nyunt. See:

March - In Monterey Superior Court, Dr. Pedro Eva of Soledad was convicted of grand theft and submitting false claims to the State of California. Dr. Eva and four other doctors were over billing the State of California for services rendered at Salinas Valley State Prison, which is located in Soledad. See:

March 20 - Angel Ruiz shot and killed by Salinas PD outside of a Wing Stop restaurant.

March 20 - Monterey County Sheriffs Deputy shoots and kills a man in Big Sur after pursuing him in a car chase. Sherriffs say a gun was produced by Hector "Junior" Chairez and he was shot and killed. The gun Chairez was alleged to have used was never found by the Sheriffs or the Monterey DA. See:

April 29 - Reports made public as part of a motion for class certification in a lawsuit filed last year by the American Civil Liberties Union expose in the most graphic detail to date the Monterey County Jail as a place riddled with violence where prisoners are at serious risk of grave injury, where jail officials fail to provide prisoners with adequate medical and mental health care and where prisoners with disabilities are denied access to jail services, programs and activities. See:

May 9 - Osman Hernandez shot and killed by Salinas PD outside of the Mi Pueblo Market at the corner of Sanborn and Alisal in Salinas.

May 20 - Carlos Mejia shot and killed by Salinas PD outside of a Bakery at the corner of Del Monte and Sanborn in Salinas.