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Why I Believe Ibragim Todashev was Set up to be Murdered
by barbara henninger
Wednesday May 14th, 2014 3:03 PM
Ibragim Todashev, the acquaintance of Tamerlan Tsarnaev was unarmed when he was shot to death in his apartment by FBI and Massachusetts State Troopers. He is portrayed by Law Enforcement and the media as a violent criminal, and thus he had to be killed to preserve the lives of those sent to interrogate him.
Why I Believe Ibragim Todashev Was Set Up to be Murdered
By Barbara Henninger

Orlando Parking Lot:

Many things came to light with the Jeffrey Ashton Report and the sworn testimony of the men involved in the killing of Ibragim Todashev.

Following are some of those revelations, as well as a few examples of media’s submissive pandering to law enforcement goals by portraying Ibragim as a ferocious barbarian and not an unarmed man murdered in his own home.

In sworn testimony to Eric Edwards Florida Chief Investigator, the Troopers and Agent
And Task Force member all refer repeatedly to Ibragim’s so-called criminal history. Here’s one of the Troopers speaking of Ibragim’s “violent history”:

“Um, I was aware that um, when he was in Boston, he had an incident where he
was arrested, I believe by the Boston Police Department that was on his ah,charged with some type of assault after a road rage incident. I was aware that he um, had a, was to be criminally charged or was facing charges, possibly, on a incident that occurred in Florida at a hookah bar, ah, where he had ah, assaulted the bar owner, um and I was a…I was aware that he ah, had also been in an altercation, probably a couple weeks earlier in Orlando where there was a parking lot altercation with, ah, a couple make individuals that ah, he took ah, assaulted and I was aware of his MMS experience through, ah, videos and actually had done an interview with another FBI agent prior to that trip at the ah, gym that he
had trained at in the Boston area of Massachusetts. “

The Orlando parking lot incident was being filmed by “big brother in the sky”.The video that was taken as a result of those surveillances was shown to the Orlando Task Force officer, Johnstone, the FBI agent MacFarlane, and one of the Mass. State policemen who went to interrogate Ibragim the night he was killed. I believe that this whole incident was orchestrated and filmed with a purpose in mind.

“Agent” Chris spills the beans:
Aerial surveillance by FBI revealed by Orlando policeman, Christopher Johnstone.

While Ibragim was being arrested, he told the arresting officer that there were three FBI cars in the area watching the whole thing happening. They did not intervene to help or stop the fight – just sat in their cars behind tinted windows with cameras and computers doing what? Who knows. This is contained in the incident report, and eventually admitted to by the FBI. Are these people not charged with “keeping the peace”? Why else would they just sit there with their video cameras watching if they were not planning to use the film for some certain purpose?

It’s my conjecture that the “victims” in the Orlando parking lot fight, the Perez father and son, were part of the set-up. Their story is that they asked some ladies (who might also have been involved) in the lot if they were leaving, and followed them to where there car was parked. Ibragim was already there waiting to park, and when the women left, he started to back into the space, which is the lawful means of parallel parking. http://www.dmv.org/how-to-guides/parallel-parking.php

Perez apparently was trying to nose into the spot, and this is what caused the ruckus. After the men yelled at each other a while, Ibragim allegedly shoved the elder Perez, and Lester came running out of the car to “defend” his father. According to Ibragim, though, Lester came at him swinging, and on May 4, this was only a couple of weeks after Ibragim’s major knee surgery on March 20 and he was defending his knee from further injury. The policeman noted Ibragim continued trying to tell him about his knee and why he fought.

The final outcome was that Ibragim was arrested without any conflict, and was eventually found guilty of reckless operation of a motor vehicle and disorderly conduct – basically engaging in bad driving and a fistfight. The bail amount was only $3,500, and I assume you’d only have to come up with $350 to a bail bondsman to achieve your release. They did not consider this man a menace to society. . Perez declined to press charges. May the details would have been uncomfortable to bring out in a courtroom.
Here’s the arrest report:


There was Orlando Deputy Sheriff First Class Larry Clifton already at the scene who was supposedly doing an off duty job as security for the mall, when the fight ensued. Another Deputy Riccaboni came and they ordered Ibragim out of his car at gunpoint. Deputy Riccaboni related that he immediately knew Ibragim was a cage fighter because he could see his cauliflower ears through the windshield. He tells how dangerous these type of fighters are and that cage fighting was illegal until recently in the United States because of its “barbarous” nature. Ibragim was ordered out of the car and to lie down on the street. Riccaboni also yelled at Ibragim that if he tried to touch the officers he would shoot Ibragim.

Sworn testimony of Mass State Policemen exaggerates and fabricates details of the fight. One says Perez had his teeth knocked out, while incident reports state that the teeth were not knocked out, but knocked out of place.

In sworn testimony the Troopers assert that Ibragim fought two men simultaneously, when the truth is that he allegedly shoved the older man with no mention of that man falling down. Then the son entered swinging. The father was never in the fight.
Media reports Ibragim was the aggressor against “a man and his son”, as if the son is a child, whereas he’s a full grown man larger than Ibragim. Media claim Perez was lying unconscious in a pool of blood. The actual wording of cop on scene was a fair amount of blood, and photographs show some drops of blood on the pavement – not a pool of blood.

Injury to Perez described as a goose egg above his eye, split lip, and two front teeth knocked out of place, and a cut on the back of his head. This seems consistent with results of a fistfight between two men. The cut on the back of his head probably occurred when he fell to the pavement.

All the reports indicate Ibragim complied immediately and did not resist arrest.
One has to be naïve to think that this wasn’t orchestrated for some purpose, and that purpose, in my opinion, was to set up Ibragim to be seen as a violent criminal who was so dangerous to four armed men that he had to be shot seven times in his home.

More on aerial surveillance: http://articles.latimes.com/2014/apr/23/local/la-me-compton-surveillance-20140424

Boston 2010 “Road Rage”

This could be another nice little set up going back three years. Legend has it that Ibragim, in a rage confronted two terrified women and an old man in the streets of Boston. The hero is a guy called Many, who didn’t want to give his name in this article:

This article, on its face, shows Many to be the attacker. After the two men hurled verbal abuse at each other for a while, Many called Ibragim a motherfucker. John Allan, the go-to guy at Wai Kru for all the dirt on Ibragim and the Tsarnaevs, informed the authorities that Ibragim couldn’t stand that word, and took it as an insult to his mother. Maybe somebody told Many to use that word? At any rate, Ibragim allegedly threatened to kill him for saying that about his mother, so Many hit Ibragim and put him in a chokehold, while his sister kicked Ibragim. Yes, Manny hit Ibragim, not the other way around. Witnesses – who were Many, his sister, Ana, and Many’s girlfriend, Fredrick Mason in the Pontiac, and the guy watching out his office window - told the officers who came that Ibragim was the aggressor. Many said “I had to defend myself.” How come it works when Many says it, but not when Ibragim does?

Ibragim was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and reckless driving. The resisting arrest charge was dismissed, and the other two charges were dismissed after nine months. But it shows up on his record. It makes a paper trail.
I found, in Jeff Ashton’s report a Boston Police incident report. The stories don’t match up. Ana Santana, Many’s (who’s name turns out to be Jasmany Pepin) sister was driving a red Mazda. She said that Ibragim tried to squeeze past her on the right in a van he was driving. She “lightly” honked her horn and pulled out in front of him when the light turned green (cut him off). Then, she says, Ibragim followed her honking loudly. Then, she says, he cut in front of her, and hit a blue Pontiac from the rear, damaging the front of his van and totaling the Pontiac, driven by Frederick Mason.

OK fine, but in the police report, all the 4 witnesses (Many, Ana, the girlfriend, and Mason) say that Ibragim pulled in front of both the red Mazda, and the Pontiac, stopped suddenly, and the Pontiac crashed into the back of the van, sustaining major damage to the Pontiac’s front, and minor damage to Ibragim’s van’s rear end. If they’re all agreeing about two different stories, I think the whole incident is questionable.

There’s another witness, David Leuci, whose office conveniently overlooks the site of the brawl. He assures the police that “Todashev was clearly the aggressor.” How he arrives at that when Todashev has been hit by Many and put in a choke hold with his sister kicking him, raises questions of his neutrality.

One kind of funny side note to the amazing fighting machine Todashev that the cops were so scared of comes at the end of the police report. The arresting officer, BPD Officer O’Sullivan was approached by another witness named Nathaniel, who informed him that the two females were kicking Todashev while he was on the ground.

Whatever the thrust of the news articles, these two car incidents are served up to ice the cake. This sensationalized article quotes “sources” as saying Ibragim was a Chechen rebel who might have had a role in radicalizing Tamerlan, and also asserts that Ibragim attacked the FBI agent with a knife. As with every other article of its ilk, it ends with the two car related incidents. It states that according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, he had to be restrained by witnesses after he “aggressively confronted the women”. So, the DA is now fabricating to put a cherry on top. They have to admit, however, that there were no injuries and no charges were pressed.

So, during their witness statements, the Massachusetts State Troopers Gagne and Cinelli, the FBI agent, MacFarlane, and the Orlando Task Force cop, Johnstone, all embellish and embroider the alleged criminal history of Ibragim Todashev to bolster their claim that they had no choice but to shoot him down. And, all but one testify that they were shown the video of the parking lot fight in preparation for the interrogation.
We all are learning that cops lie and judges and officials back them up, and this case is no exception to the rule. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2014-04-15/news/ct-police-testimony-lies-met-20140415_1_police-officers-five-officers-chicago-police

The Hookah Bar Fight

There is the hookah bar fight that also gets milked for all its smearing power. The guy that Ibragim got in a fight with, Youness Dammou, didn’t want to pursue a case against Ibragim until an FBI agent and an Osceola County Sheriff’s Department detective got him in a car, showed him a picture of Ibragim and told him about the parking lot fight. “When he heard about the other assault, Youness was eager to press charges.” This is from a lengthy article written by Susan Zalkind of Boston Magazine. She’s writing here about the arrest and deportations of Tatiana Gruzdeva and Asurmamad Miraliev – friends of Ibragim, about how the agencies conspire to set people up.

“In one case, I was able to catch a glimpse of how the agency was maneuvering behind the scenes – and how, after Ibragim’s death, its focus seemed to shift from looking for a terror cell to investigating the Waltham murders. When it came to Ibragim’s friend Ashurmamad Miraliev, the agency worked clandestinely with local, state, and federal agencies to manufacture a charge against him, interrogate him without a lawyer present, and ultimately get him out of the country.”


I don’t like to see people set up and bullied. I guess that’s why I’ve gotten obsessed with following this case so closely. I hate that they got away with killing Ibragim and throwing a nice family into turmoil and heartbreak, under the guise of protecting us citizens. I have to go along with the Chechen lawyer who remarked early on that if this is the democracy that the US is seeking to spread to the world, he’d rather do without it.

Early on in following Ibragim’s story, I came across this poem by poet and activist, David Martin. The Pratts and the Trentadues are also victims of the FBI.

Tha Ballad of Ibragim Todashev

They grilled him through the dark of night
And then they took his life,
But he was just another Muslim
And they said he had a knife.

They shot him all of seven times,
With a kill shot to the head.
He was about to admit to a heinous crime.
They say so…and he’s dead.

He scared them with his martial arts;
He was just too strong, too quick,
And about that knife they said he had,
Would you believe a stick?

Just ask the Pratts or the Trentadues
When those folks ever lie.
They’re Whitey Bulger’s biggest friends.
They’re the FBI.

http://www.dcdave.com/poet15/130613.htm agim