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Victim of Hate Crime on UC Berkeley campus
by Joseph
Tuesday Apr 22nd, 2014 1:08 PM
On April 21, I was the victim of a hate criminal threat on the UC Berkeley campus. I identified the suspect who threatened me, and yet no arrest was made.
On April 21, around 7pm, I was walking on UC Berkeley's Upper Sproul Plaza towards Telegraph. I was singing out loud, an R&B song to myself. I passed a man who heard me singing looked straight at me and said "Keep walking faggot before I beat your ass!" I responded with "Wait, what?" and he repeated himself minus the homophobic slur. "You heard me, keep walking or I'll beat your ass!"

I told this to the CSO's when I arrived at UCPD, and both officers that I spoke to. For reasons that I can only surmise are because the UC police have a history with me and hate me for my past activism, they insinuated that I was lying. "Did you do anything to provoke him?" "Why didn't you tell this to the officer when you came in?" My truthful response: "I did tell him!"

I was told by the officer that the man and the woman he was holding hands with, who I assumed to be his girlfriend, both denied that this happened. As if this meant anything. Why would he admit to the threat he just made? And why would she admit to a crime her boyfriend just committed?

I have just learned that the man was released without charge and case closed.

Are there any others with similar experiences on the UC Berkeley campus? What recourse do I have?
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