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"Remember the Alamo"
by Ted Rudow III, MA (Tedr77 [at]
Thursday Apr 10th, 2014 12:41 PM
They're always talking about "Remember the Alamo" how terrible it was the Mexicans massacred all those American Texan soldiers that were in the Alamo, massacred them! Well, what were they doing in the Alamo, anyhow? That was San Antonio, Mexican territory, the capital of a Mexican state!
So finally General Santa Ana gave'm one last ultimatum and said, "You either move out or we're going to move in. It's our territory, our city, our country, our capital, our fort, you've got no right being here! You invaded our country, you took it over by force, this fort & all, & you have no business being here in our country, you Texans, what are you doing here anyway?"

He gave'm weeks and weeks, he didn't want to kill'm. He even let all the women, children and the weak. The wounded and everything else go, helped them go! Didn't shoot at them or anything, gave'm plenty of time to get out. It was a total invasion by the Americans into Mexican territory, so the Mexicans just took it back, that's all!

It wasn't some horrible heinous terrible slaughter of Americans, who were the villains and the monsters, a great atrocity! Mexico was just defending itself and its territory all its city and its fort, the Alamo.

Ted Rudow III, MA