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Greece -new prisons like ''white cages''
by Me
Saturday Apr 5th, 2014 1:46 PM
New cages-prisons
New prisons especially for people who are in prison
for extreme politial movements are been creating in Greece.

There are a lot of action in and outside the prisons.
Demonstrations(today) and a lot of flyers,etc.
In Greece there are 12000 men in prison
and 600 women.
80- 100 are anarchists and have big power inside prisons.
68 percent are immigrands.
Before ten days an Albanian prisoner killed a policeman because there was a refusal
from the prosecutor to his apply for small holiday to see his mother
and 2-3 later this person killed by 7-8 policemen as internet media says.
The anti man situation in Greece is very very big as
89 percent of suicudes are men.
Anti-man situation is very extreme in Greece as a lot of men sleep in the streets
,feels difficult etc
On 11 April president Merkel of Germany will arrive in Greece and ii 9 April will have a general strike. Maybe there are also demonstration against the European Union leaders and their politics.

by -
Saturday Apr 5th, 2014 3:51 PM
Νοwadays 65 percent are immigrands inside.
Fascist have 10 percent (at gallops) and the media gave them a lot of the power.
They ''attack'' to the immigrands and some right media
bring the fascists to the channel's studio.
They do it more before the murder of the antifascist Paulos Fussas (September 2013) by fascists and especially the last
4-5 years .They had fear because of the mini revolution after the shot of Alexandros (Alex)
Grigoropoulos by the police on 2008 and the power of the left parties in a situation with a lot of poors.
But nowdays that the lefts are close to middleleft and the right party needs the votes of the fascists they don't be so in the channel. The government has to partis-one is the right with 29 percent and the other the socialdhmocratik with very very little power.
Communist party is near to 7-7.5 percent

by m
Saturday Apr 5th, 2014 4:02 PM
There are 8 warrants for 8 people of the police's jail for the Albanian who died