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Title: Karl Marx and Von Mises have a love child walking tour
START DATE: Saturday March 29
TIME: 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location Details:
312 Mason Street
San Francisco
Event Type: Teach-In
Only in San Francisco walking tour!

Karl Marx, champion of socializing surplus value, proposed that history would saltate along until all lumps in the river of Labor's time would turn to silt and be equally dispersed throughout the river's flow and the result would be a workers' paradise.

Meanwhile, Von Mises, champion of the Free Market, proposed that if you ignored the entire ballyhooed French phrase, "Laissez faire ET LAISSEZ PASSER," and only stuck with the "laissez faire" part, the result would be an individualists' paradise.

On this FREE walking tour you'll discover, through the walk's survey of San Francisco's downtown real estate, that both Marx and Von Mises ignored the "laissez passer" part and thus climbed into metaphorical bed together to produce an abstraction of land (and its economic value) way of interpreting the economy that renders readers of both these strange bedfellows senseless.

So,whichever bedfellow you cozy up to, come on this walk to discover an entirely different bedroom, so to speak. No other aphrodisiacs than your willing mind necessary in order to experience woo-woo way!

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