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Can Pope Francis End Forced Celibacy for Preists?
by Prevent Molestation
Saturday Feb 22nd, 2014 7:39 AM
The recent report from the U.N. implicates the Catholic Church in enabling priests who abuse and sexually molest children to evade the law and consequences. Maybe Pope Francis can help repeal the dictate of forced celibacy in priests by recgnizing their natural human need for sexual relations with another adult human being. It is unnatural and a form of psychological torture to expect a human male to be celibate for their entire practiced profession. The need for sex that is suppressed can emerge in abberant forms like pedophilia.
Some background on the UN report;

On Wednesday, the UN's Committee on the Rights of the Child blasted the Vatican for being more concerned with avoiding scandal than addressing clergy child abuse and refusing to cooperate with law enforcement. The UN panel demanded the Catholic Church immediately remove clergy known or suspected of child molestation and report them to authorities. The Holy See defended itself following the publication of the report.

Now joining us to discuss this is Kirsten Sandberg. She's the chairperson of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Thank you so much for joining us.


NOOR: So this is a devastating report. You know, this is, like, the main story on most major networks right now. Talk about exactly what your findings were.

SANDBERG: Well, there've been tens of thousands of children abused worldwide for several decades. What we cover in our report is the last 19 years, since they last reported to the Committee on the Rights of the Child. But it's really a huge problem. So many victims all over the world.

NOOR: And how has this been allowed to go on for so long? We've heard reports of this all over the U.S. for decades, really.

SANDBERG: Yeah. It's been sort of swept under the carpet by the Church itself. And priests have been moved from parish to parish without any notification to the authorities above them, or they have been notified, bishops have been notified, but they have asked the notifier to keep silent. There've been lots of stories like this.

Lately, the Holy See has started to react.

NOOR: What's your response to the Holy See's defense of how they've handled this?


ARCHBISHOP SILVANO TOMASI, VATICAN REPRESENTATIVE: The Holy See has carefully delineated policies and procedures designed to help eliminate such abuse.


SANDBERG: Well, they're defending themselves now, because they've started to take some measures. They have given guidelines to all bishops that they should cooperate with law enforcement authorities and things like that, which is very good. So that's really a positive beginning, I think.

But we really need to see the results on the ground. And we haven't yet got all the data from the Holy See, so we don't yet know what they have been doing and how they have actually reacted. They have also covered up this for many years.

NOOR: So you're saying even without all the data, you already know of tens of thousands of cases. How big could this be? Like, what is the most--and what is the most disturbing aspect of this report for you?

SANDBERG: The most disturbing aspect is all the victims that have gone through this, and also reading about all those people inside or outside the Church that have tried to do something about it again and again and again and they've never managed to come through with it, at least in earlier years. I think in the later years it's been possible to get through and to have things done gradually. But still in parts of the world things have not come to the surface yet, so we don't know whether it's still going on, for instance in Eastern Europe, and we don't know whether it's still going on also in the countries where it has been revealed, because a lot of this might still be happening but without anybody knowing.

Mandatory reporting would be really something that we ask for. That's that all priests that come across this should--or other personnel, staff in the churches, should have a duty to report to the domestic authorities in the country if things like that are discovered.

NOOR: And what's the reaction been so far to this report?

SANDBERG: Well, there's been a lot of support worldwide from victims and from others. And the Holy See, as far as I've understood, are quite reluctant to accept our recommendations. But I think maybe they will, because they seem quite open to this in the dialog we had with the Holy See.

NOOR: And so there's mounting evidence, with this report and other stories we know, that this is a massive, serious problem. Your panel's conclusions are nonbinding. What are the next steps going to have to be to bring about serious change?

SANDBERG: I think the Holy See itself has to take this on board. And as I said, they have already started. They're now--or they have decided to set up a commission in the Holy See. And let's hope that will be an independent commission that will manage to go into these cases and investigate what's actually been going on and how much has been covered up by the Holy See. And then the Holy See needs to take seriously all our recommendations, and also to, for instance, give compensation to victims. I know they've done that in some cases or in some areas, but they should do it, I think, worldwide.

NOOR: Kristen Sandberg, thank you so much for joining us.

She's the chairperson of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

SANDBERG: Thank you.

NOOR: Thank you for joining us on The Real News Network.

Is it possible that the expectations placed upon human priests is unrealistic from a physiological perspective?

Is forced celibacy not a form of psychological torture, and is this a fair expectation for a job requirement?

What is torture and how is forcing a human into a lifelong profession that includes celibacy as a job description a form of psychological torture?

"Torture often includes methods that entail severe psychological distress and profoundly disrupt the senses and personality. This article describes how psychological methods which do not amount to ill-treatment when considered in isolation can amount to torture through their accumulation over time and their integration into the whole torture process.

Dr Hernán Reyes,

MD, of the ICRC’s Assistance Division, is a specialist on medical aspects of detention and has visited numerous detention centres around the world.

An abstract from the accompanying PDF:

Torture during interrogation often includes methods that do not physically assault the body or cause actual physical pain – and yet entail severe psychological pain and suffering and profoundly disrupt the senses and personality. Solitary confinement and prolonged sleep deprivation are just two examples of these psychological torture methods. Even psychological methods which do not amount to ill-treatment when considered in isolation, amount to inhuman or degrading treatment or torture, when applied in conjunction with other techniques, cumulatively and/or over a long time. Often they are part and parcel of the whole torture process and constitute a ‘‘background environment’’ of harassment and duress. The ‘‘cumulation over time’’ factor must thus be considered as part of a system of psychological torture.

The worst scars are in the mind: psychological torture.

Sexual denial, INCEL, or Forced celibacy can create feelings of loneliness and isolation in many men. Isolation, whether it be taken as literal as geographical separation or as an internal feeling of state-of-mind, will lead to long term psychological scarring as it says in the above text. As you scroll through the many posts here on this blog and blogs of others with the same subject content at their core, you will see patterns developing.

Men say they have become depressed. They say they are suicidal. Those who are willing to blog these kinds of posts say they are at their wits end. You will read that their lives have been turned upside down simply because they can’t find a partner to enjoy the natural processes of sex with. Some say they are about to explode.

On the other hand, women don’t seem to write on these topics. If they feel their sex life is absent and they want a man to sort it out, it doesn’t come across in any of their writings. What does permeate is the lack of anger or hatred for their situation. Most accept it for what it is and do something else in place of it, like reading.

Men who write about it are desperately reaching out. If a man takes to saying something at length then you must believe it’s real enough to take notice. It’s not to be taken as though the poor dirty bastard is sitting at home watching porn with a boner in his hand. It should be taken that his inner soul needs the connection it yearns for. It’s not necessarily about above love. It’s not necessarily about getting married. It’s about the organic desire to mate.

Women play a vital role in receiving men, releasing their angers and tensions. If women aren’t available then those tensions will rise. Men are not meant to look for alternatives but they will if all else fails. A book is not enough. A dirty book is not even enough. There is only one creature that a penis is for and adult women have as much responsibility as men to in making sure a reasonable status quo is maintained. They say they know men well. If that is the case then all it would take for them to fix things is to stop standing back and watching. Show initiative. Take that bull by the horns and stop the demon from germinating inside men. - AW

P.S Men: Don’t call women sluts. We need women. Calling them names and abusing them for what comes naturally, for what we need from them, isn’t helpful. We should thank them for what they do. At the very least we should respect their services and encourage it.

When priests become ordained buy the Catholic Church they are required to live a life of celibacy. Regardless of what they may believe or are told by their superiors the human male form is not best suited for a life of celibacy. The human priest's testicles will manufacture sperm for decades whether his boss approves or not. That sperm created by (God?Nature) in his human nutsac will require emmissions, though he isn't supposed to even masturbate let alone have a human partner? Even hypothetical extraterrestrial reptilians have a more productive sex life than these poor human priests!

Should the victims of pedophile priests love the people or organization that caused them pain?

Does forgiveness require the same pattern that enables abuse to occur to continue indefinitely?

Would allowing priests to reclaim their human position as sexual beings not prevent potential for pedophilia?

By continually preventing priests from engaging in realistic human sexual relations is the Catholic Church not complicit in promoting future pedophilia?

"Some years ago, I went to church in Spain and confessed (I am a freelance Catholic, I accept some aspects of the Church and its doctrine, but about others I am critical or skeptical). I didn’t know the priest was a member of Opus Dei, the Catholic right-wing sect who supported Franco and Pinochet. He asked me why I have not been in confession for so many years, so I told him briefly about my four years in jail, and my exile in Sweden. He asked me how I felt about the men who interrogated me. I was a bit struck by his question … up until that time, I had not given them much thought. Yet he insisted, and so I said "Today, I am not sure how I feel. I can accept that many of them believed they were right, and that torture or pressure were only methods to gather information, but …" He interrupted me and said: "But you should love the people who tortured you. They did it to save your immortal soul. If you died under torture, you should go directly to heaven. They were good Catholics, and only wanted to save you from the devil, and from Marxism." Torture is still in my body as a memory and as a trace. It’s still a challenge for me to discover the reasons why friends of my uncles, and good Catholics, could torture and kill, and still go to church on Sundays. (1)

* * *

I have never read a more succinct justification for abandoning religion. The falsity of Catholicism, Judaism, Islam and all other denominational "higher power" cults is vividly expressed right here: "But you should love the people who tortured you. They did it to save your immortal soul. If you died under torture, you should go directly to heaven. They were good Catholics, and only wanted to save you from the devil, and from Marxism."

Thus, love Tomas de Torquemada and the Inquisition; love the Falangist and Franco’s death camps; love Himmler, the German SS and the Nazi officials running the death-camp nation of Poland — most "good Catholics" and "good Lutherans"; love the CIA-backed Latin American fascists (see the Costa Gavras’ film on Dan Mitrione, "State of Siege"); love Pinochet (see Costa Gavras’ film "Missing"); love the Salvadoran and Guatemalan Armies, especially after dark when they prowled as death squads; love the CIA-proxy Nicaraguan Contras who targeted rural school teachers and doctors for torture and death; love the US "interrogators" in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram, and other shadowy locations; they are all good Catholics, or Episcopalians, or Methodists (like Bush and Cheney), or Baptists, or "Christians" of one kind or another, who go to churches, sing hymns and spout pieties of a "superior god" they share with Jews, a god deemed likely to win against the inferior god of the devilishly heathen Muslims, who yet seem capable of finding the exact same divine love and inspiration in their hearts to torture, shoot and behead other human beings whose presence on Earth they find offensive because they are "Shia" or "Sunni," or worse yet a Christian convert who "renounced Islam," or perhaps was a wife or daughter who was raped and now deserves stoning to preserve the male "honor" (as many Pakistani wives and daughters found out after the 1971 India-Pakistan war over Bangladeshi independence).

Yes indeed, with a Sky-God whose power on earth is mediated by a male hierarchy there is always an excess of fatal love for those who do not fit into the divinely attributed social structure, and our mullahs and inquisitors and South Dakota legislators and priests must exert full control over the frightening power of unrestrained woman, birthing, life and thought, or "all" will be lost to "the devil" and "Marxism." Better YOU (never they) die and "go directly to heaven" — guaranteed even better than the lifetime of your car’s tires — than to upset this finely honed hierarchy of domination and denial. GOD IS MURDER.

Torture exists because some people are "better" than others by virtue of their power, which they invariably declare a right descending from a Divinity that favors them as Its agent, Its "disciple," Its "servant." They are merely "soldiers in the Army of Christ," men who humbly submit to Allah and man His jihad, all to bring you into alignment — defined by your betters — with the "will of God." Priests are the executioners of the human soul, the headsmen of human intellect, stunting and poisoning the growth of human potential. Camus describes how Catholic priests blessed the barrels of the rifles of Falangist firing squads executing Republican prisoners during Spain’s Civil War (1936-1939) and the following dictatorship.

Objectively, there is no compelling reason why a person of any religious or non-religious view should be more or less likely to be a torturer. But, as one looks at the sweep of history it is clear that torture follows religion, because torture is cruelty practiced by fear and ignorance. As one moves to social groups more firmly based on the Enlightenment (post-Renaissance humanism and socialism) and Buddhism (as a philosophy and psychology more than a devotional religious practice and sectarian division) one moves away from the likelihood of torture. And don’t tell me about Communist torture until after you have read Camus’s book "The Rebel" and understand that Stalinism was just another man-made religion — as they all are.

From the victims of molestation by priests this comes as a loudly shouted demand to Pope Francis;


The priests, reptilians and even Billy Idol request to Pope Francis;

Stop forcing priests into dancing alone with themselves;

Please consider a petition to Pope Francis to end the unrealistic requirement of forced celibacy for priests. The human children of the future will thank you!