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2 Cents per Ounce or 40 Cents Per Bottle Local Sales Tax Proposal
by Old SF Voter
Saturday Feb 1st, 2014 7:01 PM
Scapegoating anyone is despicable and historically, life-threatening, and issuing a blanket edict that people are obese and have diabetes because they drink soda pop is a lie being used by the San Francisco Democratic Party to impose an illegal local sales tax of 2 CENTS PER OUNCE or 40 CENTS PER BOTTLE on HUNDREDS of beverages to provide for a slush fund, which slush fund is particularly onerous as we have a STATE SURPLUS.
Much fuss was made in a recent election over increasing a STATE sales tax on tobacco to fund healthcare as a means of reducing smoking. It failed, probably because people are outraged at all the sales taxes we pay in California, which is now 8.75% in San Francisco. Obviously, using a sales tax on anything, much less poisonous tobacco, to fund healthcare is ludicrous.

In San Francisco, the local Democratic Party is proposing a LOCAL sales tax, which is probably illegal, raising the cost of a wide variety of beverages by 2 cents PER OUNCE, or 40 CENTS per bottle or 2 DOLLARS to a six-pack under the guise of promoting LESS use of soda pop and fighting obesity, in reality, promoting a slush fund, which slush fund is not needed as we have a STATE SURPLUS. The tax is on juice drinks, ice teas, powdered drinks, sports drinks, and HUNDREDS of other beverages.

As a matter of principle, we should vote no on all sales taxes as they are by definition regressive taxes on the workingclass, as opposed to taxing the rich with the progressive income tax for our needs.

The obesity issue is far broader than the soda pop, American culture problem. For the 50% of American voters who are over age 50, and in addition are obese, do count our calories, never drink soda pop, never drank soda pop as a child, and do not have diabetes, obesity is a PROBLEM OF AGE, as the older we are, the more likely we are heavier than we were when we were under age 40. That is the predicament of this writer, and it is COMMON AMONG VOTERS BECAUSE MOST VOTERS ARE OLD, and that is especially true in San Francisco, where children are only 13% of the 856,000 residents of San Francisco, and most children are not obese in San Francisco as the American culture is a minority here; the plurality is Chinese immigrant culture and low calorie food with delicious tea. We will not tolerate the use of obesity for a political slush fund, and if we have any sense at all, we will not support any sales tax.
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I think you'd best confirm thatMike NovackSunday Feb 2nd, 2014 7:01 AM