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Oakland City Attorney issues non-apology apology for Occupy police beating
by rfo
Thursday Jan 30th, 2014 8:00 PM
The Oakland City Attorney and community college professor Robert Ovetz, Ph.D. reached a settlement in November 2013 for the January 28, 2012 Oakland police beating and unconstitutional arrest of Ovetz outside the Okaland YMCA during an Occupy march and event.
Ovetz was hit twice with a baton sustaining injuries on his back and two broken teeth during the arrest and was denied proper medical treatment. His bike was also damaged. The beating was captured on video by someone in the crowd and an OPD officer's lapel camera which was obtained in discovery during the federal lawsuit.

Ovetz sued the City of Oakland and former OPD officer Martin in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California for unlawful arrest and excessive force and entered into court ordered mediation last Fall. As part of the settlement, the City issued a non-apology apology which admits that the arrest was illegitimate and that no charges were filed despite holding Ovetz for three days. The OPD officer Ercivan Martin was fired by OPD as a result of this beating and other prior incidents. However, he retired so as to avoid being fired.