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California Household Water Usage Is Miniscule Compared To Enhanced Oil Recovery By Steam
Wednesday Jan 22nd, 2014 12:55 PM
Enhanced Oil Recovery is good to the last drop, and it's also Wellbore Welfare.
California water isn't in the rivers, so where is it? Reminds me of a question back in the 1990's - Where did all thee trees go? Too late. But there's a connection. Industry once blamed job loss on environmentalists. Like it was Earth First! or the Sierra Club, or the League of Conservation Voters that came in and stole all the trees. Trees connect the Earth to Sky. The trees are gone. What happens when the rocks beneath our soils are gone? Fracking and acidizing with Hydroflouric Acid must be banned. SB 4 allows acid fracking with a 7% or less mix of Hydroflouric Acid content, to go un-regulated. Fracking with diesel was recently outlawed. Hydroflouric Acid Fracking (acidizing) must stop.
Household Water Usage Is Miniscule Compared To Enhanced Oil Recovery By Steam
California Drought Solution Number 4, TURN THE STEAM OFF

Enhanced Oil Recovery is good to the last drop, and it's also Wellbore Welfare

Enhanced Oil Recovery and Steam Injection, per acre and per Township drainage, uses more quantities of both water and energy than the frac job in California.

Steam Injection Is Literally Global Warming.

60 Million Gallons Turned To Steam Per Day in one oilfield.
Compared to the water usage of a single family of four, in a 3 bedroom household,
that's roughly equivalent to the yearly water usage of 700-1000 families in California, each day.

The 2013 California Green Building Code Water Use Modifications states:
“A new 3 bedroom single family home with 4 occupants is modeled to use, 174,000 gallons of water per year. The majority of this is for landscaping.”

“Combining indoor and outdoor water savings would reduce this amount by another 38,000 gallons per year.”

Household Water Usage Is Miniscule Compared To Enhanced Oil Recovery By Steam

In one week, in one oil field, the yearly water usage of between 5,000 – 7,000 California families is pumped down into the ground, as steam. It comes back out with the oil, as produced water.

In the video Mixing Oil & Water, it is shown how just one oil company injects steam into the ground for 7 days in a row, then there is a soaking period followed by a production cycle. As production falls off, steam injection is again, applied – hence the term “Cyclic Steam Injection”.

Mixing Oil & Water: 4 min video
Kern County Farmer Fred Starrh stars in this interesting short video. When his almond trees died after he irrigated them with local ground water Fred Starrh sued nearby Aera Energy (Shell/ExxonMobil venture) for polluting the water.

From Kern County, California to the Alaskan Tundra
Extreme Oil Drilling (National Geographic)

“It takes 81 trillion btu’s everyday just to warm the ground here at Kern. 25 square miles to 1600 feet deep. It takes so much energy, enough to power one large air conditioner for every human being on the planet.”

EOR is also Federally funded, Wellbore welfare.

It takes 81 Trillion btu's per day to heat Kern County to 200 degrees.
How many mercury light bulbs does it take to save one billion kW per hour?

GOOD LUCK doing this math on your home calculator!

Kilowatt Hours (Kwh) to btu (british thermal unit) conversion table shows the most common values for the quick reference.
1 Kwh = 3,412.14163 Btu/hr

81 Trillion btu's per day
81 trillion divided by 24 (hours) =

3,375,000,000,000 btu per hr
3,375,000,000,000 btu divided by 3,412 btu/hr =

989,155,920.281 kwh
almost a billion KW per hour

For the sake of our water, our air, our rivers, our food, and our communities,
Ban Fracking in California. Fracking Moratorium Now

Tomas DiFiore