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San Francisco | Racial Justice

SF: Local's Corner restaurant smashed
by BSC
Thursday Jan 2nd, 2014 10:54 AM
Just over a month ago, Sandra Cuadra was alive. Now she is dead, Sandra is dead, and the restaurant that refused her and her family, told her to leave the property, humiliated her and her loved ones, that restaurant, Local's Corner had its windows smashed out in the last hours of the first day of 2014. We hope the owner feels a bit of the humiliation he inflicted on Sandra and her family.

While everyone is fighting against Google, Facebook and the like, we should never forget the local struggle, the micro struggle, the everyday travesties that constelate the gentrified landscape of San Francisco and beyond. A strong kernel of racism thrives in the new, gentrifying, mostly white-owned small businesses. The struggle is local and global, and we must fight on both fronts. This just started, keep it up everyone!

La Lucha Sigue!

-Brigada Sandra Cuadra