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Man Made Climate Change We Can Prove.
by Lloyd Hart
Monday Dec 23rd, 2013 8:41 PM
My heart goes out to you Canada
Man Made Climate Change We Can Prove.

By Lloyd Hart


My heart goes out to you Canada but there is a direct correlation between the Alberta Tar Sands and the ice storm that just kicked your ass. I Beg You Canada End the Tar Sands Now!

The direct correlation between the tar sands and the recent ice storm that kicked Canada's ass is the oil industry and to be found more directly in the Gulf Oil Spill and the Tar Sands. The Gulf Oil Spill thanks to BP spraying Cordex on all the floating oil slicks that didn't make it to the shore, turned the entire gulf into a super solar panel. This caused a radical increase in the Gulf's absorption of heat from the sun, spiking Gulf surface temperatures upwards of ten degrees in many locations. This is causing a radical increase in evaporation of Gulf water into the atmosphere pushing it much higher into the atmosphere and creating giant freight train of warm moisture being pushed northeast through central and eastern Canada into the north Atlantic bringing the worst weather the UK has seen ever. The Tar Sands, also behaving as an enormous solar panel are creating a vortex of heat convection into the northern skies pushing the cold air higher causing the cold air to travel deeper into the southern US before it can sink down to the earth. Both these man made vortexes of heat have succeeded to drag the Jet Stream with this man made climate change.
by Elly-Mother Earth
Saturday Dec 28th, 2013 1:08 PM
Article is on truth of disaster and consequences. The Tar Sands in Canada is large and some estimates say it is as large as the state of Florida. Climate Change is now, and there is only 60% approx. of the remaining oxygen content to our world's atmosphere since the beginning of the First Industrial Revolution.

Forty percent approx has been burned out to carbon-dioxide and we cannot live on the CO2 replacement. That means we are already in the global mode of existence called FAIL-SAFE. To enter into the Tar Sands Project can only speed up the burn-out of the remaining oxygen content towards the final solution called NO RETURN MODE.

fRACKING, MOUTAIN TOP REMOVAL, BAKKEN FIELDS OF N. DAKOTA ETC. points to extinquishment of our oxygen supply with ever increasing speed. This point of carelessness and private profits for pollution money is not really needed at this time as the tools to re-tool the industrial revolution to the non-pollution solution is becomming ever more widely available around the world.

In the last fifty-five years of ecological green revolution the tools to put in place renewable energy such as wind, tidal, and solar power are being produced on a mass basis. This method of tooling the renewables to electricity gives a future that will allow mother nature to return the oxygen factor to a plus valence again.

While the present society is sped up now to burn-out the oxygen, the need is for an ecological organic and inorganic revolution to liberate ourselves from fossil fuels of which atomic fission power plants are a negative by-product of our time.

Atomic waste has proven uncontainable, for as in Hanford Dump in Washington State it excapes after decades and spreads contamination with radiation poisons into the inorganic water, air, and land mass to the detriment of the wild life, fish, plants and animals and also into the Pacific Ocean.

There follows cancerous conditions for the people in villages, towns, and cities of the region. Indeed Lloyd Hart has made a proof that the Climate Change is done deliberately as a integral part of the for-profit Industrial Revolution.

Workers of the world unite!! End pollution wars, not endless wars for more and more pollution. You yet have a world to win/d!!