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CalTrans declares WAR on Occupy2Decolonize
by treeowl (parkguard [at]
Tuesday Dec 17th, 2013 12:40 AM
After promising to take no more than a few disposed-of, token items, a CalTrans crew removes many valuable and sacred items from the
On the 43rd day (1000+ hours) of Occupy2Decolonize, taking place underneath the I-580 overpass near Telegraph Ave. in Oaktown, a heretofore amiable and cooperative CalTrans crew violated not only a Native burial ground\sacred site but simple common decency by raiding the site and taking valuable items like food, clothing, bedding, and a cell phone as well as sacred items. This was directly after promising Zachary Runningwolf, a Native leader and elder who has been the mainstay of this project, that they would only take a few things that he wanted to get rid of anyway.

CalTrans had already started ramping up its campaign against this project. Just the week before, I was present and got video footage of two CalTrans workers entering the site w\out permission and painting over O2C-related messages. CalTrans has also been wantonly cutting trees at or near the site. They even took a rope that we had used to straighten up a tree that had been blown over by the recent windstorms. But this most recent action by CalTrans is the worst yet.

CalTrans is proving it's quite willing to roll on a sacred site, committing whatever deception it sees fit, to continue its agenda to keep us all maiming and mutilating Mother Earth by driving as much as possible. For the sake of Mother Earth, we have to stop them by any means necessary. A-ho.