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surviving the CASHMAS season
by smilee (franhattan-owner [at]
Wednesday Dec 4th, 2013 5:45 PM
personal thanks and whines in December 2013
dear friends, allies, and others,

On and after Thanksgiving,
i should give thanks--

[a] that i live in San Francisco
[ instead of Hellay];

[b] that i have survived to age 71;'

[c] that i live in the USA
[instead of under the Taliban or Putin or another dictatorship];

[d] that Dec 26 must come
[letting me yip "TGIO!"],

and [e]
that new activists are pushing the cause of "body freedom".
in their own ways....]

There, I gave thanks...

Now I shall

[1] about the CASHMAS [Commercemas] season,
which annually depresses me;

[2] about the fact that I depend on public computers [ at library or elsewhere];
which today allowed me to spend an hour writing + editing a long document;
only to LOSE the text by forgetting to SAVE before I signed out;
[3] about suffering a health loss on nov 27; so now i need to use a cane;
[4] about being hassled by [... a friend] on Dec 2, so badly that I must
regretfully dis-invite her from visiting my room again;
[ 5] life in the HARSHERLOIN [ aka SF's TenderLoin] [ details censored]...
my privileges out-weigh my negatives--
i need to keep reminding myself to smile...
at least until Boxing Day [ Dec 26]
and Kwanzaa...

SURVIVE the holidaze!!!