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Sat Nov 30 2013 (Updated 12/11/13) Problematic "Public Safety" Recommendations to be Presented to City Council
Steve Schnaar writes: "The Santa Cruz Public Safety Task Force has completed their work and is presenting their recommendations to City Council on Tuesday, December 3rd at 7pm. The recommendations include some positive, proven ideas like funding drug treatment and after-school youth programs. However the report also recommends ideas which are not evidence-based, such as misdemeanor charges for multiple infractions, restricting the needle exchange program, and increasing the size of the police force based on sloppy statistics. Come to City Hall on 12/3 to let the Council know this report does not represent a community consensus."

"The Task Force report includes many ideas which are not evidence-based, including tougher sentencing such as misdemeanor charges for multiple infractions, restricting the needle exchange program, increasing the size of the police force based on sloppy statistics, and attacking marijuana cultivation and use.

"A group of concerned individuals, including Steve Schnaar, Peter Klotz-Chamberlin, Rick Longinotti, Stacey Falls, Mary Howe, Doug Engfer, and Brent Adams, sat down to review the material and came up with a list of concerns about the Task Force recommendations."

Continue Reading | See Also: Another Response to the Task Farce and the Schnaar Critique

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