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Twitter IPO$ Will Not Afford The Prevention Of Other www Corps From Creating Better..
by Hillary's Agenda*
Tuesday Nov 5th, 2013 8:06 AM
Hillary's Agenda volunteers have had so many politically incorrect suspensions on Twitter,we decided to also create our own choice of various articles from around the world for our www readers to enjoy until Twitter re>opens our Hillary's Agenda www blog..
!)Twitter raises price range for impending IPO
**Twitter users who are not famous all should know, the only possible way to enlarge a followers base is to buy APTS that automatically un>follow those who un>followed ones site.. Not until Twitter allows their normal users to not spend big$ to achieve a larger base of followers,will they ever be able to retain millions Inter+Nationally.
**Would not surprise us if Twitter is keeping it secret that users need to pay to really play ..

2)Big Money Flows in New Jersey Races to Thwart Christie Agenda
** "Flash in The Pan King Kong Chris Christie" has so many "Unlimited Free $peech" Super billionaires backing him to run against Hillary Clinton in our run for the money 2016 Presidential race,he has gained another 100 lbs in angst..

3)Big de Blasio lead over GOP's Lhota in NYC: Anomaly or return to normal?
Anthony Weiner's www mental health has improved since his spiritual advisor Pee Wee Herman told him not to log when feeling lonely,just attend late~night movies..

4)India launches first mission to Mars via @usatoday
**Why in the world would America's Bill Gates be telling the world that India is in such dire need of everyone$ when they are looking for Martian's for help ?

Inside the "Electronic Omnivore": New Leaks Show NSA Spying on U.N., Climate Summit, Text Messaging @democracynow
**We understand NSA chief spy Keith Alexander even has agents dressing like former FBI's Hoover did when out in the field late nights to collect private info on others..