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California PUC Delays Smart Meter Opt Out Decision. And Delays…..And Delays….
by J Hart
Saturday Nov 2nd, 2013 9:31 AM
You may have heard that there is a ‘smart’ meter opt out in California, where people have the choice of an analog meter on their home, for a fee.

Well, unfortunately you have been misled. Millions of people- including many whose health has deteriorated because of the meters (as confirmed by their physicians) continue to be forced to live next to ‘smart’ meters on their walls, stuck on buildings like little electronic warts. For the rich, who have choices about where they live, and who can afford large homes on acres of land, there is a choice. For those who can only afford to live in dense or subsidized housing, the choice is often radiation sickness in the home, or a tenuous existence on the streets.
The ‘opt out’ policy has been a good move for the utility and smart grid industries. Back in 2011, because the major CA utilities were refusing to remove unwanted ‘smart’ meters that were causing health problems, the population grew increasingly agitated. People were taking direct action to stop the deployments, and to have meters removed by third party electricians after they were installed by corporations springing up to absorb federal stimulus money: companies like Wellington and Corix. Clearly the utilities had to find some way to manage the pressure cooker of public outrage. They saw a future of communities organizing to have their smart meters removed- a future where people were taking back their power en masse – and with it, utility company profits. Something had to be done. That something was the ‘opt out’.

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by J Hart Saturday Nov 2nd, 2013 9:31 AM