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Protest fills Moscow streets, demands release of prisoners
Tuesday Oct 29th, 2013 4:11 PM
Moscow streets filled with protesters demanding release of all political prisoners, including of course, Pussy Riot. Chess luminary, Garry Kasparov has gone in to exile after being seized on 2 occasions since his bid against Putin in the 2007 election. Oppose Putin, go to jail. At least 7,000 marched in Moscow on Sunday, all wearing masks to avoid the tragedies of those who boldly rallied last May.
Since the mass rally in Moscow on May 6th of last year, prisons and mental hospitals have filled with Putin opponents snared by various means after the event. On Sunday, October 27, a march and rally was held in Moscow to demand the release of all political prisoners. A statement went out Friday but was overshadowed by protests in Washington DC, with the delivery of petitions to Congress for the reform of the US surveillance state, organized by From somewhere in Russia, Edward Snowden sent encouragement to the protesters in the US while marchers prepared to step off in Moscow. So we belatedly present a translation of the announcement, along with reports from the event and photos from various sources.

(INDYRADIO 10-29-13) Moscow streets filled with protesters demanding release of all political prisoners, including of course, Pussy Riot band members. Chess luminary, Garry Kasparov has gone in to exile after being seized on 2 occasions since his bid against Putin in the 2006 election. Oppose Putin, go to jail. Were these protesters disingenuous to claim they were surprised by 3000 military police waiting for them in the capitol? Consider, Pittsburgh, Resist the Chicago G8/NATO Summits | May 2012, etc. you now have, like we do, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. IndyRadio The photos are excellent, but from Radio Free Europe Thank you NATO, for your continuing protection:

A rally in support of Russian political prisoners was held on October 27th in Moscow. Organizers had to fight the state just to get a permit for the rally, and then were told only one day in advance about the 3000 military police and 60 metal detectors that awaited them. In spite of the fact that all those who planned to attend were threatened with military police and long lines, five to ten-thousand supporters were there. Chants from protesters included “plant trees, not environmentalists,” ”Our choice is freedom! We’ll return power to the people,” ”Crooks and thieves, five minutes to pack,” among other chants calling for the freedom of political prisoners.
“The Frightened Kremlin sent more than 3 thousand special force police. Fighters as escorts against free citizens calling for the immediate release of political prisoners, which have resurfaced in Russia, thanks to Putin’s illegitimate regime.”-Left Front Opposition
Background to Sunday's March and Political Prisoner's of Russia, including activists persecuted of the #Blotonaya_Case @Revolution News:

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March for political prisoners in Moscow planned for Oct. 27th

For the freedom of prisoners of May 6th! For the freedom of all political prisoners!: via

On October 27 in Moscow a MARCH FOR FREEDOM for “prisoners of the Swamp” and other political prisoners will be held. We rise in importance to this occasion because right now the fate of our comrades, who are hostages, is in the hands of a criminal regime. Supporting them is the duty is of every honest person. The so-called “swamp case” [Bolotnaya Square Case] brought 12 people before trial, and another 15 are under investigation. Defendants’ of the “marsh case” are blamed for serious violations of articles of the Criminal Code, such as “organizing and participating in mass disorder”, “violence against the authorities.” As a result, they face long prison sentences. The reason for the institutions action against the “swamp things” were the events that took place May 6, 2012, when citizens clashed with police during a peaceful protest rally. We believe that the events of May 6, occurred due to the unprofessional and even provocative actions of the police and municipal authorities. However, the investigation and the court are one-sided, and the persecution nature of civic activists by the authorities have not received proper investigation. The investigations and trials have continued for almost 1.5 years, with most defendants in the case being held in cramped, smoke-filled chambers without any apparent reason. Many of them complain of ill-health, dying relatives, and the judicial process (which is long and grueling in nature and comparable to torture).
On October 8, one of the “prisoners of the Swamp”, Michael Kosenko, was sent for compulsory mental health treatment. This decision was made despite the fact that during the trial he was not identified in committing a crime by a single witness. Clearly, the case of the “swamp things” is a tool to brutally massacre political dissidents of citizens.
December this year marks the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Russian Constitution. In this regard, the march participants will require the authorities to declare an amnesty for all persons involved in the “Marsh Case,” as well as other political prisoners.

We will rise in large numbers, because the government’s decision will depend on our level of support. We now have a real opportunity to free our comrades. To miss this chance would be a crime. Our fight is for your freedom and ours!
Freedom, Dignity, RESISTANCE!


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