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March Against Monsanto SF – Golden Gate Bridge
by Rubble
Monday Oct 14th, 2013 9:14 PM
Bay Area food activists held a rally and march across the Golden Gate Bridge to spotlight Monsanto. The action was part of a worldwide event, with actions in cities across the world. Hear numerous activists at the rally in front of the bridge preceding the march. (18 minutes)
The litany of crimes against the world and everyone on it is too long for this posting. Poisoning food, destroying the environment, usurping economies, buying politicians, aggressive legal actions…In the U.S. activists just fought off legislation in a federal spending bill – “The Monsanto Protection Act” – which would have shielded them against pending lawsuits.

Organization is building towards a GMO labeling law. Such a law almost passed in California last year but Monsanto’s big money campaign prevailed against millions of Californians. A similar law in the European Union has marginalized this technology, because virtually nobody knowingly wants it. Farmers are outraged at the seed monopoly Monsanto has gained with strong arm tactics against non-GMO farmers. New strains of GMOs in the works despite horrible problems with current crops. I believe Monsanto is written into trade agreements in the pending Trans Pacific Partnership, which if true will force this food monopoly into new nations, starving out subsistence farmers.

From the little I know, bees are threatened with extinction, also problems mentioned with frogs and elephants. Just what I can think of off the top of my head…