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Malala's plea dissed by White House Occupier
by DLi
Sunday Oct 13th, 2013 4:54 AM
Yesterday, 16-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl Malala--who was reportedly a top candidate for this year's Nobel Peace Prize--was granted an audience at the White House. The USA Imperial regime, as well as its corporate-bin-Laden media, was eager to capitalize on her amazing personal saga(she survived a vicious Taliban kill attempt), in order to present itself as a promoter of women's rights. But when she summoned enough "audacity of hope" to tell WHO(White House Occupier, aka the drone assassin chief)that drone attacks have killed far too many innocent civilians, Mr. "O-bomber" completely dissed her and the very legitimate and certainly humanitarian concerns from her Pakistani compatriots.
Instead of directly and forthrightly addressing the issue of evidence-proven killings of hundreds--perhaps even thousands--of innocent civilians by Washington's indiscriminate drone attacks, including many women and children by the terroristic "double-tap" aerial missile strikes, the 2009 so-called Nobel Peace laureate chose to ignore her sincere--even if naive--pleading for an end to those illegal murders. POTUS 44 definitely did not and would not consider any "humanitarian intervention" in those cases of USA attacks on civilians!

Such is the ugly reality of the true manifestations of the Evil Empire's "Operation Enduring Freedom" being brought to our Pakistani "allies"...
by midPac Observer
Sunday Oct 13th, 2013 11:25 AM
With an "ally" like America's WHO, is it any wonder the Pakistanis would gladly welcome friends from Beijing bearing real investment money for industrial and commercial projects, as opposed to foreigners who furnish fake polio vaccination programs and--worse--daily murderous & pesty drones shadowing dark clouds over much of the frontier Northwest countryside?