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Oakland Truckers Strike August 19, 2013
by Big Bill Hayward
Thursday Aug 29th, 2013 1:47 PM
On August 19, 2013 short-haul truckers at the Port of Oakland attempted to shut it down.
On Monday, August 19th they parked their trucks across the driveways at the entrance of 5 of the terminals at the port, shutting them down completely. They later spread their action other terminals until police arrived. They were able to maintain a blockade of several choke points like the Oakland International Container Terminal East and West gates throughout the morning. Longshore workers from ILWU Local 10 honored their lines and a health & safety arbitrator ruled they didn't have to cross. But eventually the police cleared all the terminals and the longshore workers went to work.

Here are some news stories about the wildcat of Oakland troqueros:

The troqueros attempted the same the next day, Tuesday morning, and had skirmishes with the police and were unable to block any terminals.

Since Teamsters often implant themselves as representing the trucker's jurisdiction without their consent, the troqueros put up a banner saying "Teamsters DO NOT Represent Us" to show that it was a self-organized autonomous action.

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by Workers Revolution
Friday Aug 30th, 2013 10:41 AM
What should be noted is that the Teamster bureaucrats have been attempting to have companies that they have contracts with gain the right to haul all goods in and out of the piers so that they would not have to organize the independent operators. The Teamsters, ILWU, and ILA should join hands to organize all the truckers who are presently working the docks in this country for the simple reason that it makes political and economic sense. Of course the present pack of labor fakers who control these unions are more concerned about their relationship with the government and capitalist Democratic and Republican parties. Screw the anti-labor laws! Organize the independent truckers on American docks. Break from the capitalist parties. Build a workers party.