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New Controversial Unedited Footage of Astronaut Neil Armstrong Discovered
by Bart Sibrel (bart [at]
Tuesday Aug 27th, 2013 2:22 PM
New Controversial Unedited Footage of Astronaut Neil Armstrong Discovered
New Controversial Unedited Footage of Astronaut Neil Armstrong Discovered

The link below contains newly discovered, unedited, behind-the-scenes footage, of the recently deceased Neil Armstrong, during his historic "Apollo" flight. The scene contained therein has never been broadcast to the public. In it, Armstrong is using a one foot diameter model of the earth, from low earth orbit, to create the illusion for the television viewers, that he and his crew are half way to the moon, when they are, in fact, still in earth orbit.

This segment is dated by NASA's own computer clock as having taken place two days into Armstrong's flight, when he is supposed to be half way to the moon, yet he and his crew are clearly shown (in these newly discovered unedited out-takes of the broadcast) to be still orbiting the earth and falsifying the television photography to deceive the viewing public of their real location. The (CIA?) is even heard on a private, third audio channel, prompting Armstrong to respond to Mission Control's questions only after four seconds have elapsed, in order to create the false impression of an increased radio delay, so as to appear much farther from the earth than he and his crew actually were.

Jump ahead to time: 32:02 if you do not wish to view the entire forty seven minute documentary and only view the newly discovered unedited out-takes of Neil Armstrong falsifying mission photography during the Apollo 11 mission.

Filmmaker Bart Sibrel has been interviewed, and his documentary about the moon landings have been featured on, The Tonight Show, The Daily Show, Geraldo at Large, Coast to Coast, NBC, CNN, FOX, Time Magazine, The New York Times, The L.A. Times, The Washington Post and USA Today.

Bart Sibrel
bart [at]

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Documentary Description:

Award winning filmmaker Bart Sibrel presents his highly acclaimed (and much hated) controversial documentary showcasing newly discovered behind-the-scenes out-takes from the first mission to the moon, proving that the crew never left earth orbit.

Never before in all of recorded aviation has a flying machine worked on its first attempt, much less the most complicated one ever imagined, landing on another heavenly body on its maiden voyage, and returning roundtrip with a crew that lived to tell, all with 1960's technology. (More computing power is found today in a $10 watch.)

According to William Kaysing, a NASA contractor for Apollo, a classified interdepartmental memo rated the odds of a successful and survivable manned lunar landing on its first attempt at one in ten thousand. That is why the returning men of the mission looked so dejected rather than triumphant at their press conference, as they were blackmailed into lying about the alleged greatest accomplishment of mankind, to the detriment of their own souls.

Sibrel's Commentary & Wikipedia Rebuttal:

From Wikipedia regarding The Apollo Fraud:

"Some people insist that the apollo moon landings were a cold war deception of the Nixon administration. However, empirical evidence is readily available to show that manned moon landings did occur. Anyone on earth with an appropriate laser and telescope system can apparently bounce laser beams off three retroreflector arrays reported to be left on the moon by apollo 11, 14 and 15, suggesting deployment of the lunar laser ranging equipment at asserted apollo moon landing sites, implying equipment constructed on earth was transported to the surface of the moon. In addition, in August 2009, NASA's lunar reconnaissance orbiter began to send back high resolution photos of the estimated apollo landing sites. These government issued pictures show not only what is reported to be the faint shadows of the descent stages of the lunar landers left behind, but also apparent tracks of the astronauts' walking paths nearby in the lunar dust."

Sibrel's Response:

Interesting arguments, yet each one is, unsuspectingly, most easily and unconditionally refuted . . .

First of all, we both know that "Wikipedia" is a mainstream, establishment supported, parasitical organism used rampantly for propaganda by the NSA, as they can anonymously post intelligent sounding pro-government thesis to the masses, often deliberately contradicting and smugly belittling more truthful "conspiracy theories" of very real crimes of the authorities in power, whose express purpose of these writings is to cover-up and deflect attention from their own illegal and unholy behavior. When they use words like "empirical evidence is readily available to show that the manned moon landings did occur" . . . It not only shows their arrogance (which, in and of itself, demonstrates their blindness to the facts), it also exemplifies their desperation to make an argument that is so much losing ground that they have to resort to the administration in power tactic that if you don't agree with them you are somehow deficient in intelligence.

It was proven in 1962 that a laser can be bounced and calibrated off of the moon without a man made reflector thereon simply due to the reflectivity of the lunar surface. Secondly, Russia put a manmade mirror on the moon's surface during the time of the apollo missions for this same claimed purpose, using instead, an un-manned probe that would not have to suffer the biological ravages of lethal space radiation. (See the March 1959 issue, Volume 200, Number 3, of the magazine "Scientific American", article entitled "Radiation Belts Around the Earth", to see how deadly and impenetrable space radiation is beyond the safety of low earth orbit where the space station resides.) Thirdly, seeing how all of these lasers are computer controlled, it would only take one computer hacker, if they so desired, to manipulate the data shown on a scientist's viewing monitor, which they wrongly assume is the gospel truth. This was precisely the case at "mission control" during the "moon" missions, where dozens of computer "operators" (merely just readers of the preprogrammed data screens) openly admitted, after the fact, that they could tell no difference whatsoever between a flight simulation and a "real" flight.

To say that additional photographs from NASA "prove" that the moon landings were real is laughable. They already faked high resolution, full body, pictures of an "astronaut" standing right on the "moon's surface" more than forty years ago, so what is it to fake more pictures, with four decades better technology, of such simple things such as tiny shadows or scratches on lunar satellite photographs that are supposed to be from human foot tracks or apollo lunar landers? These diehard believers are just seeing what they want to see, like a naive spouse of a cheating partner, and accepting the fox's evidence that he didn't steal a chicken.

Never before in the entire history of the world did such an historical event have absolutely no independent press coverage. Why do people overlook this most telling piece of evidence? Only three government employee eyewitnesses to the "greatest event in history"? Whatever completely government controlled photographs and images we given to the press were blindly assumed to be authenticated by the "credible" Nixon administration. It is like giving a whining child cake for dinner to appease them and then expecting them to argue with you demanding broccoli instead! The Vietnam War during the alleged moon missions was destroying the country from within by its divisiveness and civil protests. Nixon repeatedly said so himself, thinking that this mounting public discontent might actually lead to real anarchy, rebellion, the disintegration of the government and his precious egotistical cushy job. A unifying pep rally of a successful moon landing was just what the American patient needed! Do you really think that Nixon was going to risk killing three national heros on live worldwide television during his presidency when simply failing to rescue kidnapped hostages would ruin you for life as it did president Carter? How could he absolutely guarantee a successful moon mission? . . . To stage it! . . . Not to mention that it was technologically impossible at the time to begin with. In fact, according to William Kaysing, a NASA contractor for six years during the apollo missions, a classified interdepartmental memo, which he read and proofed, estimated the likelihood of a successful manned mission on the first attempt at a mere one in ten thousand chance.

While I went from being the biggest fan of the moon missions for a large part of my life to eventually becoming the most outspoken critic, I did so by being open minded and willing to be wrong when the evidence presented itself to the contrary of my first opinion, even if that evidence was unpredicted, unprecedented and very depressing. I was not totally brainwashed by false criminalistic "patriotism" to the point that I was incapable of deprogramming myself from relentless, from the cradle, deceptive government propaganda. These type of people who vehemently appose the admission of a cover-up regarding the apollo moon landings, with foaming rabid mouths and their polluted brains infected by party-line corporate college degrees, have openly admitted, time and time again, that if first hand eyewitness Neil Armstrong himself had went on national television and confessed to the cover-up, they would still believe that the moon landings were real! . . . So, who then is mentally deficient? These people will not even consider for one second, even the possibility, that the manned moon missions were a cold war deception to inflate the appearance of American military superiority, as well as pacify rampant disgruntled domestic revolt, so how can the opinions of such close-minded people be trusted in the first place? The moon missions are a religion to them . . . and a false one at that. (See 2nd Thessalonians 2: 9-12)

The extremely simple fact is this: After Columbus traveled to the new world, everyone traveled to the new world. After Lewis and Clark traveled to the American west, everyone traveled to the American west. After the Wright brothers accomplished powered flight, everyone else did immediately thereafter. Soon it will be five decades since America allegedly had men leisurely playing golf on the moon in complete safety with 1960's technology. For some reason, no one, from any nation on earth, has been able to go to the moon and survive, not even once, with five decades of more advanced technology . . . Why? . . . There is only one possible answer . . . It is soooooooo simple . . . Because it can not be done.

So, if all the scientists from all the nations on earth can not go to the moon today with all the newer technology that the 21st century has to offer, it simply means, and it can not mean anything else, that America did not go to the moon in the 1960's. It is so obvious to anyone with an open mind who does not have a religious attachment to the event. Just as Hitler's children, if he had any, would never see dear old papa as anything but a benevolent patriarch, these mired intellectuals will never admit that their enamored "scientific" community and "glorious" government can be just as corrupt as pedophile priest.

Bart Sibrel

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