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How to be Green in the San Francisco Business Community
by DudeSustainable
Tuesday Aug 27th, 2013 12:51 PM
A list of resources for San Francisco Green Business
Too often, we're confronted with the nonsense that environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices aren't profitable or worse, that they are actually detrimental to American economic competitiveness. It doesn't matter how many times an economist proves it to be a fallacious argument. The political rhetoric that demonizes the green movement is alive and well, and it's up to each and every one of us to reject such argumentation as erroneous. There are some great green living blogs out there that attempt to confront this PR campaign where we can, my personal favorite being DeSmogBlog. However, there are also a number of environmental consultants and Chamber of Commerce style organizations that attempt to fight this ridiculousness where they can. SF Green Business, for example, is in the business of showing enterprises both large and small how the sustainable way is also the profitable way.
San Francisco Green Business

The San Francisco Green Business Organization aims to:
"help San Francisco businesses adopt environmental practices that are sustainable as well as profitable. We achieve our mission by setting stringent criteria, providing technical assistance, and publicly recognizing and promoting Green Businesses with a seal that enables customers to shop in keeping with their values."

Ads by GoogleEssentially, they are a non-profit organization that aims to promote the only economic model that has been proven successful in American history: a working partnership between non-profits, for-profit companies and government agencies. Together with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the Bay Area Green Business Program and the California Green Business Network, the SF Green Business Organization helps bring together businesses to teach them an environmentally friendly and sustainable model in-keeping with best government practices and regulations. Businesses learn the benefits and advantages of going green as well as how to stay in compliance with the rules set forth by the most progressive city in America.
The Benefits of Green Businesses

The Benefits of Green Business are too numerous to count. Among them, Green Consultants argue that going green:
"provides bottom line cost savings, as well as a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It allows your company to act proactively to address new environmental requirements from vendors and suppliers, while getting ahead of upcoming legislation. A solid environmental program also attracts the highest quality employees to your company and keeps those that you have happy and healthy. Green companies operate their businesses to meet their needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. To learn more about business eco-advantages, select the links below to review relevant articles and case studies."
Why Are We Waiting?

In the race to find out how to stop climate change, sustainable business practices have to be near the top. We can live a green life at home, but without significant help from the suppliers, we are at a loss. So why should business go green? According to SF Green Business, enterprises both large and small should go green to save money, improve employee wellness and productivity, gain a marketing edge and more. Doing business the right way from the start improves the supply chain, and forces even the most recalcitrant of political opponents into adopting a green lifestyle either wittingly or unwittingly.

We can do it! Good, green business practices like those espoused by SF Green Business are an important step in our evolution to live within our natural environment, to respect it and to save us from future calamity.
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