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Argentina_Quilmes: Call for International Solidarity Across Borders
by MTD La Cañada -FPDS- Quilmes
Tuesday Aug 13th, 2013 11:06 AM
Argentina_Buenos Aires_Quilmes: Call for International Solidarity Across Borders
Reconstruction for social change
Enough fire attacks...No impunity!
Argentina_Buenos Aires_Quilmes: Call for International Solidarity Across Borders

diffusion is appreciated

Messages of Support: mtdlc2006 [at]

Argentina_Buenos Aires_Quilmes: Torched community center in Quilmes

Call for International Solidarity

The incident occurred at two o'clock in the morning on Thursday, 25th of July when attackers set fire to the December 20th Community Center, which houses the MTD (Unemployed Workers Movement) "La Cañada" Popular Front "Dario Santillan". The movement engages in different working activities, cultural activities and education.

The center is located at the corner of Rodolfo Lopez 4181 / Calle 391, in Quilmes East. The project consists of an Adult Educational Program on Secondary Level, a Cooperative , and a significant number of workshops in different specialties, cultural, educational and recreational activities for children and adults, and popular dining-hall. This space has existed for ten years in the district and consists of people in the neighbourhood.

The Community Center is a popular neighborhood organization, who in turn articulates with State Programs.
"Hundreds are the children, youths and adults who have come through our organization seeking to solve the problems that we are subjected to as being of a social sector most affected in society: the working poor. We find it difficult to understand this magnitude of aggression. Families who are part of the MTD are dismayed. We feel attacked. Sad to suffer such an attack. We can not understand how you can perform this tremendous damage to a Popular Institution, dedicated to building positive relationships, to bring a plate of food where it's needed, to create dignified jobs for the unemployed, to help with otherneeds and provide all of our tools to contribute to popular education. We are an independent and autonomous organization. We do not depend on government or political parties. We are asking for help in the reconstruction, we need funds to buy books for the popular library. 1000 books were burnt.

We would appreciate any assistance towards the reconstruction.

email: mtdlc2006 [at]

Contact: 15-6361-2340 Aguero Orlando

from abroad 0054-9 -11 - 6361-2340

The center is located at street corner Rodolfo Lopez 4181 and Calle 391, Quilmes Oeste.

"We are a movement of unemployed workers in Quilmes (La Cañada), a Team of Militant students also form part, employed workers, teachers, artists and together we compose the Popular Front Dario Santillan accompanied by more organizations around the country. Since several years we have been fighting for social change.

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§Enough fire attacks...No impunity!
by MTD La Cañada -FPDS- Quilmes Tuesday Aug 13th, 2013 11:06 AM
Attack agains Community Centre: library was burnt down
§Reconstruction for social change
by MTD La Cañada -FPDS- Quilmes Tuesday Aug 13th, 2013 11:06 AM
no more repression against working families