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STAY AWAY FOREVER: Solidarity Needed as Squat is Under Immediate Threat of Eviction.
by Stay Away Collective
Monday Aug 5th, 2013 1:33 PM
Squat defense for the Stay Away Squat in East Oakland.
We are the squat collective at Stay Away in East Oakland. Tuesday, August 6th makes two full weeks we have been living behind the barricades in order to defend and save our home, a radical space, and one of the lasting vestiges of the Occupy Oakland movement. We are still struggling. We are asking the community of the Bay Area; fellow squatters, fellow radicals, our comrades to come out and help us in the event of an attempted forcible removal by the Sheriff’s Department. Oakland has lost too many of its radical spaces. We are facing the same evil corporation, REO Homes LLC, that evicted the G-Spot--another radical space--and the state and corporate forces are trying to quash our movement to live free.

This house has a two year history that rose directly out of Occupy Oakland, and has gone through many changes with many members, but it has remained, and will remain, an activist house. Members of this collective work or have worked with various groups from Food Not Bombs to Cop Watch as well as founding the Park Gardens and many other activist groups. We are a diverse group or individuals working together collectively to provide a space that is liberated from corporate control of our lives, and to be an example of how we can live free of the chains of capitalism.

We are asking for people to come out when the Sheriff’s Department arrive to evict us. This can happen on any day at any time. We need people to show up and be here when this happens to let the Sheriff’s Department of Alameda County and predator corporations like REO Homes know that we want to keep our homes and our liberated spaces. If you want to help, contact us. We can be contacted via the Facebook group for Stay Away, or if you wish to be on our text blasts for when the Sheriff shows up our number is (402) 937-9875. Come out Solidarity is needed!

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by golly
Tuesday Aug 6th, 2013 7:41 AM
It's difficult to mobilize support with so little information.

Where are we supposed to show up to defend the squat?

How about a link to the Facebook page?
by Anonymous
Tuesday Aug 6th, 2013 8:47 AM
As a resident of the neighborhood in which the Stay Away is located, I feel that this is a more complicated issue than typically acknowledged in the activist community. There is a history in this neighborhood of abandoned houses being taken over by squatters of a different sort...crack dealers. The crack dealing squatters are a scourge on the community and most residents for this reason support rapid removal of squatters from abandoned houses. Typically, the sheriff gives a thirty day notice for crack dealer squatters to leave the house, then if they significantly overstay the thirty days, they are forcibly removed. The advent of a squat occupied by activists complicates this. While is acknowledged that you have a very different goal and this is perhaps why you have not been forcibly removed yet, the concept of the community creating an exception for activist squats creates a lot of problems. For one, the activists of the Stay Away are considerably lighter skinned and better educated than the surrounding community. This results in the situation in which activists who are already privileged forcibly seize greater privilege in the form of free housing equivalent to what their working class neighbors struggle to pay for. Second, this has potential to reduce the capacity of the sheriff to forcibly remove crack dealers from our community. Crack dealers are effectively another way the rich (in this case in the form of drug lords rather than banks) oppress working class neighborhoods. Most of your neighbors care far more about removing crack dealers than they care about free housing for activists.
by @
Tuesday Aug 6th, 2013 10:25 AM
the Stay Away is located at 2825 Vallecito Place, in east Oakland near the Highland Hospital.
by tObi
Tuesday Aug 6th, 2013 2:47 PM
The person speaking on crack dealer squats has no idea what they're talking about and probably has very little to do with the neighborhood. I helped found and lived at the stay away and we had a very good history with a majority of the neighbors.
by Comm. Relations
Wednesday Aug 7th, 2013 3:14 PM
Hey Tobi,
I live in the neighborhood near Stay Away. My question is what have you guys done to engender good relations w/ the community? I didn't even know there was a squat there until I saw posts on it. What have Stay Away residents done besides tagging the (A) on sidewalks, or tagging ACAB on a fortuneteller's storefront on Park Blvd.? What else have you guys done? And let me tell you, the system is still shook up by that ACAB tag on the fortuneteller's storefront. What a blow to the state and they system as a whole.
by author
Thursday Aug 8th, 2013 4:15 PM
Y'all need to quit Facebook and start tweeting