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The Execution of City College of San Francisco
by ntuit
Tuesday Jul 16th, 2013 12:50 PM
Accrediting Commission For Community & Junior Colleges Goal #1: Destroy City College of San Francisco
Isn’t city college of San Francisco like a living organism with thousands and thousands of living cells called students and teachers? Now, much like in the criminal justice system, a group of elites has judged this living body and condemned it to death. Isn’t this the ultimate goal of the elitist system at work and in this case they have not even applied long term austerity – systems that suck the life out over time.

The ultimate demise of City College has its roots in politics and politicians – our political system. The people really don’t matter since politicians realize that we tend to re-elect the same people over and over regardless of what they do. I mean, San Francisco, is the city of Nancy “take impeachment off the table” Pelosi. Joe Fitzgerald of the San Francisco Bay Guardian has done an excellent analysis of the politics behind killing City College:

Why in the hell do we need elite outsiders to come in and run something that we the people should be doing ourselves anyway? Can’t we evaluate ourselves or do we also need someone better, higher, more elite, more educated,etc, etc to tell us how good we are…to certify us? Do we need to be constantly certified by someone else? And who is evaluating the evaluators? We do not elect them. They just seem to appear out of the system that we say we believe in – the matrix of illusion that runs the U.S. And this is going on all over the place. Since the so called leaders of Oakland do not have the common sense or will to reign in the police department they have to call in outside consultants. Since the mayor of San Francisco cannot control his hand appointed Housing Director and doesn’t have the independence he needs – he calls in consultants. Yes – it is a big industry -Consultants doing the jobs our elected leaders and government officials should be doing.

Another important aspect of all of this is money and its flow. Washington and Sacramento have designed systems to take money from localities “our money” and then return it with all kinds of strings attached – basically a control mechanism. Do this or were not gonna give you back the money you sent us in the first place. This is very much like the control government and Wall Street have exerted over 401Ks and other retirement funds where the money is all sucked out of the community to Wall Street and sent back not in the form of investment in local small business but in the form of corporate owned big box stores and restaurants. Our money is being taken from us and then used against us. The matrix is very sophisticated in that they get us to play along with our own demise.

Face it. Whenever we feel we need to be certified we will always be dependent on someone outside of ourselves for approval we should be giving ourselves. Look at City College of San Francisco – it will apparently loose “state” funding and students will be unable to get “government” loans and if they graduate from there it will some-how be a tainted and inferior certification.

It seems very clear that these are lies and manipulations. And the root of all of this is letting outsiders control our destiny and being complicit somehow in propping up this system. Most of us don’t seem to see how we are supporting something that is actually contrary to our own best interest and actually self destructive. But I think that is the truth and that is what makes this system so powerful. The consent of the governed. We are deluded and the systems set up are to control us all.

One of the most interesting statements is that the graduates of City College of San Francisco do better than students from other “junior” colleges when they transfer to four year schools. What does that say about education at City College? I’ve read that statement and I’m not even sure it is true. But if it is true, isn’t that in itself enough to make one have a fairly high level of confidence in the education provided by City College of San Francisco. Very simple, but not enough for the elite Accrediting Agency. And apparently nothing will get in the way of the elite goal of destroying a community institution that has benefited thousand upon thousands of people and many without the resources that the elite have available to select where they choose to attend.