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Thousands Of CCSF Students, Faculty And Supporters March & Rally Against Attack on College
by Labor Video Project
Wednesday Jul 10th, 2013 2:19 PM
Thousands of students, faculty, staff and supporters of City College of San Francisco marched on Market St. and rallied at the US Department of Education to protest the threat to close SF City College and the installation of a special trustee (dictator) to carry out the privatization agenda at the school
Thousands of students, faculty and supporters of City College Of San Francisco marched and rallied on July 9, 2013 against the open revocation of accreditation by the privately run Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) run by privatization supporter Chair Barbara Beno. Her husband in a conflict of interest was involved in an investigation of CCSF and this privately operated organization is funded by CCSF and other public institutions without any governmental oversight.
The march on Market street and rally at the US Department of Education was called by AFT 2121 and the Coalition To Save City College. The pro privatization chancellor of the Community Colleges of California Brice W. Harris who was put in this position by labor supported Governor Jerry Brown has dismissed the elected CCSF board of trustees and imposed a special trustee Robert Agrella with full powers to take over the operations of the college with no oversight by any local bodies. This take-over of the college was endorsed by SF Democratic Party mayor Ed Lee who was booed several times at the rally held by City College supporters.
Agrella has a record of union busting and outsourcing of community colleges and representing the corporateers who want to privatize public education. The SEIU 1021 San Francisco City College Chapter boycotted the march and rally and its chapter president has attacked protesters and activists fighting privatization.
Additionally, Scott Weiner a major union buster and privatizer on the SF Board of Supervisors in the city of San Francisco was invited to speak at the rally despite his long record of attacking labor in the city and backing the anti-labor pro-privatization agenda of SF Mayor Ed Lee.
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§Thousands marched
by Labor Video Project Wednesday Jul 10th, 2013 2:19 PM
The mass march took place on Market St.
§Public Education vs University of Phoenix
by Labor Video Project Wednesday Jul 10th, 2013 2:19 PM
Behind the attack on SF City College are the privatizers like the University of Phoenix which is backed by Diane Feinstein's husband Dick Blum and California Democratic Party Chair John Burton who is on it's Board of Directors and who want to profit from the privatization of public education
§CCSF Arts Program Threatened
by Labor Video Project Wednesday Jul 10th, 2013 2:19 PM
Art programs and other humanities programs will be directly attacked by the new trusteeship which wants to privatize the university and force students to go to private schools
§Students Want Affordable Education
by Labor Video Project Wednesday Jul 10th, 2013 2:19 PM
Students Demanded that there be affordable education for working people and poor people.
§Ed Lee Wants SF City College Shut
by Labor Video Project Wednesday Jul 10th, 2013 2:19 PM
SF Mayor Ed Lee was booed but no mention was made of Governor Jerry Brown who wants the special trustee appointed and put privatizer and union buster
Brice W. Harris in charge of the California Community College System. The California AFL-CIO continues to support Jerry Brown, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and the other politicians who support privatization of education and attacks on public education and public services through privatization and outsourcing.