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The Snowden Affair--Tragedy turning into Farce
by DLi
Wednesday Jun 26th, 2013 4:15 AM
The vicious and vindictive pursuit of Eric Snowden--an ex-NSA spook who exposed the vile cyber malfeasance of the USA rogue regime--has transformed a supreme Tragedy(of an over-aggressive surveillance state)into a veritable Farce, with the Failed State-on-the-Potomac bullying and threatening multiple sovereign nations and to intimidate them to send the 30-year-old whistleblower and current political refugee/victim, back to face the "justice" of the Abu Graib and Gitmo-operating torture regime.
In a way, this is perhaps the greatest and most-fitting "collateral damage" of the entire Snowden affair: the self-proclaimed "sole Superpower" USA regime, with the world's most lethal nuke WMDs and the largest fleet of robotic killer drones, now stands utterly exposed as the global Mafia boss flailing in all directions--like "a pitiful, helpless giant," a la Richard Nixon's surprisingly perceptive parlance--trying to suppress(and perhaps even 'neutralizing')one of his turncoat subordinates. All because the ingrate minion dared to reveal the vile operating procedures of his Mafia Don!

Objective and observant citizens all across the Globe can now clearly see how vulnerable the USA paper tiger--dressed as a raging Bully--really is. If a lowly NSA operative can embarass the mighty Evil Empire with a few titillating details about its massive global spying network, imagine what millions of informed and active citizens could do to the fear-mongering but bureaucratically-bungling regime?