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Title: How Big Companies Rob You Blind
START DATE: Sunday June 09
TIME: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location Details:
Stream or download at http://greatspeechesandinterviews.blogspot.com/ Broadcast at Access Sacramento at http://www.live365.com/cgi-bin/mini.cgi?station_name=accesssacramento&site=pro&tm=6524
Event Type: Radio Broadcast
Contact Namesteve lerman
Email Addressgreat.speeches [at] yahoo.com
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David Cay Johnston
David Cay Johnston talks about his book "The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use 'Plain English' to Rob You Blind" with Jayne O'Donnell, USA Today Money Reporter.

“No other modern country gives corporations the unfettered power found in America to gouge cus­tomers, shortchange workers, and erect barriers to fair play. A big reason is that so little of the news . . . addresses the private, government-approved mechanisms by which price gouging is employed to redistribute income upward.”

David Cay Johnston is an American investigative journalist, author and a specialist in economics and tax issues. Mr. Johnston won the Pulitzer Prize in 2001 for beat reporting.
Source: BookTV - After Words: David Cay Johnston, "The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use 'Plain English' to Rob You Blind," hosted by Jayne O'Donnell, USA Today Money Reporter

Clayborne Carson
Historian Clayborne Carson on Tavis Smiley Show

Historian Clayborne Carson is director of The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University and has devoted much of his professional life to the study of Dr. King. He helped design the King National Memorial. In his memoir, Martin's Dream, he traces his evolution from political activist to activist scholar.
Source: PBS: Historian Clayborne Carson on Tavis Smiley Show

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