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Merced March against monsanto
by anonymous
Sunday May 26th, 2013 6:18 PM
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About fifty anti-monsanto protestors converged outside a popular independent coffee house in downtown Merced.A few comments were made by one of the organizers before the march Begun the six block course that would culminate in a small outdoor farmers market. Along the ten minute walk protestors carried signs and shouted anti-gmo & anti-monsanto slogans ,getting the attention of the consumers of the locally owned business.The march also stopped at every street corner while the traffic lights turned green allowing the local independent media to take pictures and video. Once the march arrived at the destination everyone stood around in a circle under the summer sun. After posing for a few pictures a soapbox was started.While the soap boxing was on a few people did some outreach to the farmers.After a few comments the soap boxing came to a conclusion.The march then headed back to where it had originated getting a few honks from cars along the way.Upon arrival group pictures were taken some protestors proudly displayed their solidarity fist.After a few minutes everyone started to disassemble ,some went into the store ,some walked to their cars some disappeared away back to their normal lives.

pictures and video :
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most of the signs are on the theme exept for that painting on the botom leftanonymousSaturday Jul 6th, 2013 6:15 PM