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2 Students murdered by Government of Greece as protests continue under blackout
Thursday Apr 18th, 2013 11:10 AM
2 students already killed by riot police in Athens and still the media blackout continues. Consider the courage it takes to hold up this banner - "2 students dead, police go away" The media blackout sometimes occurs due to strikes, not this time, the media is working, but they have averted their eyes, and the students who would send us direct reports had their (1) website shut down - then (2)their radio shut down and (3) their entire campus network shutdown by the Government of Greece and Deutsche Telecom. (4) have been murdered by the government of Greece

search "Athens Student Protest" at Twitter for the ONLY coverage, Occupy Paris has been helpful.

oh yes, do bring the ruckus to Facebook, as usual! INDYRADIO -