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Building Bridges, Not Walls
by Steve Pleich
Monday Mar 25th, 2013 11:46 AM
Where are Today's Bridge Builders??
Recently, I have heard many people call for a return to the good old days of our city when a person could feel safe in their neighborhood and secure in their home. But those good times were built through the acceptance of our differences and a willingness to work through the difficulties we faced and shared together, as a community. Indeed, that yesteryear we remember so fondly was created in large part by building bridges of understanding and acceptance.

Today, we seem more intent on securing ourselves behind walls rather than reaching out to each other for common solutions. We are turning inward to a place where no one and no thing can touch us; and that is sad for it's own sake. History is replete was examples of societies that walled themselves off from the world in hopes that their chosen way of life would be sustained and untouched. And yet, at the end of the day, they found that brand of cheerless and rigid isolation was far too high a price to pay. They found themselves truly alone, the walled off world they had created separating their smaller community from the richness and diversity that is the hallmark of our great social contract.

So as we stand at this present day crossroads in our community, let us pause to ask this simple question: Are groups such as Take Back Santa Cruz or Santa Cruz Neighbors or the newly formed Together for a Safer Santa Cruz building bridges of understanding and acceptance or are they building walls of separation and mistrust? And when you've answered this question, ask the same of yourself.

We can build bridges to the future in our community or we can, brick by brick, raise walls that seal us into the past. The choice, for now, remains ours to make.

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by Razer Ray
Tuesday Mar 26th, 2013 8:43 AM
As Gil Scott-Heron stated in his short history of American society "B-Movie".

That's what we want. Nostalgia. NOT Reality.

Here's the reality of Santa Cruz.

In my almost 40 years here, has ALWAYS had the kind of crime we see today. Knifings, burglary, robberies... All of it. Houses being cased up on Branciforte Drive and emptied into moving vans while the residents were out of town (1983 or so). I remember a homeless woman whose name I forget found raped and strangled in the woods in... Must have been 1978 or 79.

I could go on, but reading as far back in the SC Senile's as you can will inform of one thing.

The crime-free days of yore everyone is seeking NEVER WAS. It's a myth.

..and and albeit everyone want a safe crime free town there are VESTED INTERESTS behind that myth who really don't care about anything but property values and selling things to you.

...and THOSE PEOPLE (yeah... THOSE people) used to be 'trollbuster kid's parents throwing Raul the Sun Worshiper who frequented the Cooper House when Warmth stil played their, off the flyway to San Lorenzo park and his death.
...and THOSE PEOPLE (yeah... THOSE people) are the Canepa boys who ran drugs all around the reigin in their towed vehicles at the behest of Senor Escobar, and when busted, because mama Canepa 'owned the cars' got to keep their collection of VERY EXPENSIVE VINTAGE RACE CARS, just like you'd expect from the Mafia.

...and THOSE PEOPLE (yeah... THOSE people) made their seed money to start their downtown vanity shops selling cocaine after hours at Max Walden's Oak Room bar at the Cooper House. You could see them from outside at their private parties, but even a hip street person could get invited.

I'm sorry. Santa Cruz may be pretty environmentally, and ugly in it's unchecked gentrification, but it's NEVER been 'crime free', or even low crime. Criminals GO where the money is (like Willie Sutton bank robber said when asked why he robbed banks), and as long as the affluence has been here, so has the crime, and twice as many security guards and SCPD wouldn't change it a bit.
by Sylvia
Tuesday Mar 26th, 2013 9:32 AM
One of today's bridge builders is you, Steve. Thank you for this message that lifts the dialogue and refocuses attention. Sandra Day O'Connor has created an in-person series in her community - Civil Talk For Civic Action - small groups meet over beer and local tacos.

"Thus came O’Connor House’s mission . . .To create an Arizona where important policy decisions are made through a process of civil discussion, critical analysis of facts and informed participation of all citizens. And its Mission . . . To continue Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s legacy of solving important social, economic, and political problems through “Civil talk that leads to civic action.”

Are there ideas for guidelines for 'civil discussion' ?
by G
Tuesday Mar 26th, 2013 12:00 PM
Who defines civil? The non-meathook-future crowd? It's their 'benign neglect' that sustains the tyranny...
by Razer Ray
Friday Mar 29th, 2013 7:30 AM
By distributing PUBLIC information about the freak-of-nature who runs cleanupsantacruzDOTorg:

Since someone on the Senile's thread wanted to know if the cleanupsantacruz petition was related to TBSC I dug up the info from a simple domain search and posted it for them.

Yes he is... There are pics on the net showing a vociferous Pamela Comstock supporter as well

Here's the information I published at the Senile... all public info gleaned from a domain search and a google search on the address:

Steve Schlicht
128 12 Myrtle St.
(Description from Zillow: This 1240 square foot single family home has 2 bedrooms and 1.0 bathrooms)

Phone number +1.8314197309
Email steveschlicht [at]


Comment: Former Biotech worker for GeneTech and others with a specialty in, apparently marketing databases, now a serial domain creator with a number of petition sites all targeting the homeless of Santa Cruz in direct and indirect ways (the petition site to stop bike sales at the Flea Market because 'drug users fence their bike there' is one of his as well).
by Sylvia
Friday Mar 29th, 2013 8:42 AM
The whois listing for has been updated so that I can now see that it is United Way administering this initiative. Thanks Razer Ray - your post reminded me to look again.

(The language that leads to court-ordered anti-psychotic medication remains.)
by Razer Ray
Friday Mar 29th, 2013 7:00 PM
Facebook has blocked me for a day for replying with that publicly available information on the Santa Cruz Sentinel's forum... for simply and straightforwardly (unusual for me but I knew I was playing 'close to the bone') answering a question about who owns a domain name.

Twiiter discussion with G., a well know Indybay poster follows (edited to name and text only for readability)

Razer Ray:
ROTF! Blocked from FarceBook 4 a day b/c I posted this as a legitimate reply to a newspaper forum: … #Facebook #Fascicm

Interesting info, @AuntieImperial. I wonder if any TBSC felons are involved...

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in SOMEONE reported it as a TOS violation prolly the same person who broached the question or the common troll 'an be'...

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in ...and in a recent article about the topic of FB blocks the writer said they give a 'quick glance'... 2 seconds to requests

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in IF, when I repost it they suspend me, THEN I can complain. Until then... No recourse. If the FB acct goes away I won't...

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in be heartbroken. FB IS the 'suburbs of the internet' with all pages looking the same,,, A place where funny pics of cats...

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in ...get thousands of likes and serious comment get none Example. This post is pushing 800 likes and reposts @Tumblr...

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in >> ...and @Facebook I've only 3 likes. That's with about the same in my immediate circle.

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in Another way of looking at it: [img]. #Pitiful If FB goes away... tsk tsk. (I have another anon acct)