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CODEPINK Free Hugs! Arms Are For Hugging Action against Gun Violence
Date Friday March 08
Time 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location Details
High Bridge Arms Gun Store
3185 Mission St (between Powers Ave & Fair Ave)
San Francisco, CA
Event Type Protest
In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, we have called for a ban on assault weapons and for background checks on all guns including those sold at gun shows. We need a comprehensive plan to address weapons in our communities and it starts with holding the NRA accountable.

From the wars the American government is perpetuating abroad, to the glorification of murder in pop culture, it's no surprise violence is prevalent in our society.

On March 8, International Women's Day, we bring the awareness of arms are for hugging (and not for killing). Whether it's nuclear weapons, armed drones, assault weapons, we need a plan of action to combat the global arms industry. Arms are for Hugging and not for killing!
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by Let's get serious
Sunday Mar 3rd, 2013 3:47 PM
It is long overdue that all organizations which oppose war demand that all guns, real and toy, be abolished, and that includes abolishing the military, the police, prisons and the death penalty, as well as abolishing tasers and pepper spray. There is no reason for anyone having any gun, real or toy. This fantasy of armed self defense is just that, and it always works against the person having a gun. Only mass organizing, such as labor organizing, brings about change. The assault weapons ban and background checks are just band-aids. We need to demand complete abolition of the killing industry, which is what guns are.
We need to be Real perspective and take the guns away from the real terrorist (United Snakes of Amerikkklan) by not contributing to oil wars by driving during Global Warming. Far more people have been killed through oil wars (Millions) and even personal driving (over 30,000 in US alone on our freeways) than some movie theatre or School shootings which always seem to be perpetrated by white males. Lets disarm white males which gun shows seem to arm. By the way auto use is now acidifying our oceans. Stop