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International System without Pope
by Belladonna
Monday Feb 25th, 2013 3:50 AM
A Picture of the Unprecedented in 23 Brushstrokes
I. The League of Nations was intended to end war.

II. It failed because nations left the intended consensus.

III. The consequences of its failure were the cause of the new consensus that such failure must never happen again.

IV. The United Nations was intended to replace the League of Nations and allow separatism in the General Assembly without failure.

V. This intention of failure prevention caused the construction of the Security Council.

VI. The veto privileges of its permanent members derive from their signatures under improvised treaties during the failure.

VII. Such a capacity of intended failure expresses a requirement for further procedure.

VIII. A correlation between such privileges and capacities of mass murder under improvised treaties in the General Assembly is not prescribed by treaty and therefore no reliable base for treaty.

IX. The capacities of mass murder not covered by such improvised treaties might only be a remedy against United Nations failure before it occurs.

X. The intention of universal failure prevention caused the construction of the role of the Special Observer.

XI. The purpose of the Special Observer is to remain with its original intention when the General Assembly and the Security Council fail.

XII. Once claims of failure of the United Nations are being expressed from a veto privilege the role of the Special Observer is open to everyone.

XIII. The war of the nation states against the populations is an expression of their anticipatory ignorance towards this fact.

XIV. If a Special Observer is a delegate then the resignation of its sender is of the same effect as its own resignation.

XV. If no Special Observer is recognised by the Security Council then it vetoes its own purpose and has failed.

XVI. If both Special Observer and Security Council fail, the General Assembly of the United Nations is in the same situation as the League of Nations.

XVII. The Security Council recognised the Pope as Special Observer because a resignation thereof was unprecedented in the era of treaties between nation states.

XVIII. The failure of the United Nations is the failure of the nation states because they have already failed to end war.

XIX. Improvised treaties are treaties whose political procedure is incomplete.

XX. Replacement efforts without nameable improvement have already failed.

XXI. If the nation states and their aggressions against populations cannot be contained in an international system then they have no right to exist.

XXII. If the war of the states against the populations is the cause of the failure of the intended failure prevention, then its consequence is to be the new consensus that such states must never be allowed to exist again.

XXIII. The intention to allow populations to exist without getting attacked by states remains supreme through any international system failure.

by Derrick
Monday Feb 25th, 2013 11:31 AM
Trust in any of the moral values is nonsense, they don’t exist anymore, such is loyalty a negative connotation when nobody deserves it. It was pushed in the wrong direction. All other aberrations fall in the same category by various degrees of weakness.