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"Teaching Kids To Kill"
by Dave G
Tuesday Feb 5th, 2013 8:09 PM
"Teaching Kids To Kill"
We must work against child abuse, racism, poverty and children’s access to guns, and in rebuilding our families, but we must also take on the producers of media violence. The solution strategy that I submit for consideration is, “education, legislation, litigation.”

Simply put, we need to work toward “legislation” which outlaws violent video games for children. In July, 2000, the city of Indianapolis passed just such an ordinance, and every other city, country or state in America has the right to do the same. There is no Constitutional “right” to teach children to blow people’s heads off at the local video arcade. And we are very close to being able to do to the media, through “litigation,” what is being done to the tobacco industry, hotting them in the only place they understand--their wallets.

Most of all, the American people need to be informed. Every parent must be warned of the impact of violent visual media on children, as we would warn them of some rampant carcinogen. Violence is not a game, it is not fun, it is not something that we let children do for entertainment. Violence kills.

CBS President Leslie Moonves was asked if he thought the school massacre in Littleton, Colorado, had anything to do with the media. His answer was: "Anyone who thinks the media has nothing to do with it, is an idiot." (Reuters. 2000, March 19). That is what the networks are selling, and we do not have to buy it. An educated and informed society can and must find its way home from the dark and lonely place to which it has traveled.
by anon
Thursday Feb 7th, 2013 9:14 AM
from "Who Will Save Us?"

Salman Rushdie in "Joseph Anton," his memoir of the fatwa years, says the most important question is who controls the story?

Kids in school have learned that violence is the story. We have been fighting wars for their whole lifetimes. They have been taught that if you don't like someone, simply put them on the no-fly list or the kill list and drop a drone bomb on their heads.

They watch the mean-spirited adults who surround them -- the administrators who bully teachers, the cops who stop and frisk, the Wall Street crooks who steal with impunity, the talk radio hosts raging for dollars - and simply do as they are taught. When you have a problem, stand your ground and fire away.

Do we have the courage to write a different story, a story of grace?

Attempting grace is hard. Very hard. The hardest thing we can do.

Writing a new story means stepping out of line. ...