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Government & Elections

Freedom of Choice
by Dialeclectics
Friday Oct 26th, 2012 10:45 AM
A timeless topical tune from 1992 for the 2012 election
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Freedom of Choice

Lyrics by Lary Moore
Music by Paul Burton & Lary Moore
Dialeclectics Music copyright/left 1992

Words a-flyin' thunderin' cliches
fulminate and never even wince
speechifyin' leaves me in a daze
I just don't know who to vote against

Lots of luster photogenic charm
panderin' would make a pimp wince
just enough bluster to fertilize a farm
I still don't know who to vote against

Patriotic duty leads me to the polls
vanilla tutti frutti, mostly rocky road
every election year, time to herd our voice
two big cheers for freedom of choice

Camera candidaters spread across the screen
master debaters strike me as obscene
hard on us to hear who's on foist
two big cheers for freedom of choice

Politicians leave me in a funk
no matter how I try I'm unconvinced
whoopie cushions in the double bunk
I just don't know who to vote against
undecided who to vote against
no opinion who to vote against
both of the above - who to vote against
by Nunu
Saturday Oct 27th, 2012 1:05 AM

Free will is the flower of love. Greed is the result of obedience. Nice. Power strife is unreal.