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There are no national solutions for Greece, or any other country
by Systemic Disorder
Wednesday Oct 24th, 2012 11:43 AM
In what can be interpreted as a dry run for other countries, financiers intend to reduce Greece to a vassal state that has no control over its finances, with its tax revenues used to pay banks instead of for government functions.
There is no Greek solution to Greece’s crisis. There can be only an international solution. However that solution unfolds, the day when a radically different course, a clear alternative to austerity, can no longer be avoided is perhaps drawing closer.

Aware of their dwindling support and the increasing desire among Greeks for a different course, the two “left of center” parties propping up the pro-austerity right-wing government of Greece may yet balk at committing a final suicide.

Four days after the expiration of a deadline handed down by European Union finance ministers, the leaders of Pasok and the Democratic Left were still refusing to fully agree to demands for yet another round of cuts and labor “reforms,” the standard euphemism for eliminating job protections. Those leaders’ reluctance to agree to terms with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, and their apparent ending of talks (at least for the moment) on October 23, adds more uncertainty to the already conflicting signals coming from the Greek government.

The “troika” — the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission — have been unyielding in insisting that Greece impose more austerity on its citizens in exchange for the latest tranche of financing totaling €31.5 billion.

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Greece and all countries in the world will have to re-tool to the renewables if they wish to save the oxygen content in the atmosphere (already burnt out by 38% to carbon-dioxide, and we cannot live on the CO2 replacement). That means re-tooling the industrial revolution to such as wind, tidal, and solar power which tranforms to electricity, and is more power than can be used by all societies.

It also means quitting coal, gas, oil, and atomic energy as these powers motivating industry and homes are polluting and destroying the environment.

Workers of the world unite!! End pollution wars, not endless wars for more and more pollution. Ye yet have a world to win!!