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Romney's Crimes Against Gary Johnson
by ExposeRomney
Friday Oct 19th, 2012 11:20 AM
The New York Times was one of several media outlets detailing Romney's crimes against Gary Johnson

One reason that Ross Perot who had funded rescue missions of hostages ran against G H W Bush was that Bush through Oliver North had sabotaged Jimmy Carter's rescue mission.

Some of many reasons that Republican Gary Johnson decided to run on the Libertarian ticket in 50 states against Mitt Romney may have been that

a. Romney paid for espionage.. spies following Johnson around, trying to keep him out of the Iowa State Fair and other events (source: nytimes.com)

b.Despite the fact that Gary Johnson was twice the governor of New Mexico a two thirds Democratic state which voted for him (unlike Romney who

was very unpopular in Massachusetts after the first term) Romney worked to keep him out of the\

Republican primaries

c. Johnson witnessed Romney primary fraud in many states.

Despite the fact that Republicans

1. control the major tv networks and virtually all of radio

(our airwaves they lease for pennies on the dollar)

2. control the propaganda firms calling themselves pollsters (the worst of which are

Rasmussen, Gallup and Pew)

3. control at least 81% of the alleged voting machines Election Systems and Software and

Dominion (the new owner of Diebold which twice installed Bush)

4. control mammon through the obscene donations of many such as Sheldon Adelson, billionaire casino owner of fleecing joints in Nevada, Singapore, China, as well as a hawkish Israeli newspaper) (Adelson hopes his candidate will win and follow Netanyahu's hawkish agenda and and exempt his foreign holdings from tax)

the people of the United States are not for sale.