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Title: Santa Cruz Reskilling Expo -- Fall 2012
START DATE: Sunday September 16
TIME: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location Details:
Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
705 Front St., Santa Cruz
Price: $5 to $25
Event Type: Teach-In
Our mission is to strengthen the reskilling movement locally by regularly teaching sustainable daily-living skills, to promote skill-sharing for a resilient common future and to enhance the development of self-reliance in Santa Cruz County.

Please join us for the Fall Expo on September 16 at the Museum of Art and History in downtown Santa Cruz.

Our intention is to hold three Reskilling Expos yearly in Winter, Spring and Fall. Each Expo will be a day-long symposium of workshops designed to impart skills that increase food security, conserve water and build local resilience.

- - - - - - - -

TimeBank Santa Cruz

We're configuring TimeBank Santa Cruz as an experiential and participatory learning opportunity for exchanging services without money, as a charitable and educational social program.

These skills may otherwise be difficult to practice and, therefore, would be lost. The social permaculture, how we make and keep agreements with each other, is a reskill.

The TimeBank as a social benefit program syncs perfectly with the Reskilling Expo's mission of preserving our cultural heritage by teaching traditional skills.

TimeBanking may also offer us potential for carbon-reduction via its supportive social network which meets some of the participants' social and psychological needs for recognition, esteem and belongingness, needs that might otherwise be met through material consumption.

A TimeBank is a system of reciprocal service exchange that uses units of time as currency. We can strengthen resilience through this network wherein members trade services hour to hour.

Join here: http://santacruz.timebanks.org

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