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The Bush Reagan Plot Against Jimmy Carter
by True Words
Wednesday Sep 5th, 2012 8:58 AM
The Republican plotting against Jimmy Carter continues to this day
When Jimmy Carter became president he ended George H W Bush's 1 year as head of the CIA. In 1980, on March 12th, Bush and James Wolsey, then head of the CIA, met with an Iranian to plot the Iran Contra arrangements. This was an act of treason in which private citizen Bush plotted to keep American POW's, embassy employees, in jail for 9 more months in Iran in exchange for giving Iran arms.

This was done to create the false impression that Jimmy Carter was ineffectual. This was followed by the spy Oliver North, who sabotaged the helicopter rescue mission launched by Carter. Republicans could not have Carter successfully rescuing the hostages.

In addition, G H W Bush whose oil connections from his company Zapata were linked to those of Bahrain, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, used that power to dry up the oil supply during Carter's presidency. This also was an act of treason.

Because Jimmy Carter is a supporter of Palestine he has been excised from the news by our airwaves, which have been leased by those promoting the Netanyahu agenda.

Monologist Romney pawns like Chris Plante of WMALlike constantly to put out disinformation about Carter, perhaps the holiest man ever to occupy the White House.

In 1953 democratically elected Mossadegh became head of Iran and nationalized oil then being taken out of the country by Anglo Iranian Oil, now BP. The CIA and MI6 would not allow a country to control its own property, and instead organized a coup to remove Mossadegh and replace him with the torturing Shah of Iran. British oil interests had often created phony titles for people and installed them on a petroplutocrat throne.

Now in obedience to Netanyahu, Romney and Ryan are attempting to be elected in order to continue endlessly the war in Afghanistan, already the longest war in US history, and to expand the violence and money hemorrhaging into war on Iran and Syria, which like the other wars of the last 30 years have harmed the real security interests of the US while profiteers like Romney have made billions, bloated on the blood of bombed innocents.

Reagan, installed by Bush trickery, would go on to feather the nest of General Electric, owner of NBC, sending copious arms contracts GE's way while tripling military spending. He would begin
the destabilization of the US by unionbusting.

However, after Hinckley, a neighbor of a Bush, tried to murder Reagan, George Bush was never again invited to a nonmandatory function at the Reagan White House.

by True Words
Wednesday Sep 5th, 2012 9:02 AM
Woolsey, not Wolsey, would later become head of the CIA. In 1980 he was Under Secretary of the Navy