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Homeless "Solution" in Santa Cruz
by Leslie Dinkin
Thursday Aug 30th, 2012 1:40 PM
I sent this letter to the editor of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, expressing my feelings about the front page article today. Even if it's not published there, I want it published here. And watch for an event posting as well.
Why is the forced relocation of people who camp to survive called a "solution?" My progressive advocate friends believe the community of Santa Cruz is compassionate, but as a newcomer here, I am disheartened by the paucity of public outrage or sorrow expressed. And buildings in our county that might be used to house folks stand empty--such as the Brookdale Lodge in my own small community.

Just yesterday a new coalition formed to stand with the homeless. There will be a vigil and march next Friday, September 7, starting at 7 PM at Santa Cruz City Hall. We plan to advocate to change the law in Santa Cruz that makes it illegal to camp here. I want to go further and advocate for the creation of supportive housing for people in need of the community's help in recovery. If you agree, join us.