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Pants On Fire Award To Glenn Kesller
by SNS
Friday Aug 10th, 2012 10:05 AM
Washington Post skullduggery
Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post who sometimes
awards Pinocchios to those who are truthtellers gets
20,000 Pinocchios for working for the deforesting warmongering
Meyer family owned Washington Post, which has not
missed approving of every single illegal war since the end of WW2.
The Post's Woodward (Naval Intelligence) and Bernstein, tools of
Henry Kissinger, Mark Felt (Deep Throat, 2nd in command at the FBI), John Dean,
professional backstabber, and Nelson Rockefeller, to name a few,
created the plan to frame Nixon, not for bombing Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, not for Cointelpro, but for wanting to foreign control of the US airwaves. William Sullivan, 3rd in command at the FBI, was investigating the Felt-Kissinger connection for Nixon when he was found murdered in front of a home in a NJ housing development. The government called
it a hunting accident.

Glenn Kessler, a Romney operative disguised as an unbiased fact checker,
has several times obscured the fact that Romney retained control of Bain at least until 2002,
after which he had a massive amount of stock in Bain.
by SNS
Friday Aug 10th, 2012 10:06 AM
the sentence should read 'for wanting to end foreign control of US airwaves'... the word 'end' was omitted accidentally