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California | Police State and Prisons | Racial Justice

Protests Continue in Anaheim Over Police Killings
Wednesday Aug 1st, 2012 9:03 PM
ANAHEIM - July 29th 2012 was a sunny Sunday in Anaheim that brought over 250 protesters from all over California to demand justice for the series of recent officer involved shootings in Anaheim, during the last week and a half alone, two of which were fatal.

People lined the sidewalk down Harbor Blvd from the police station to the corner of Broadway. Many were holding signs with such sentiments as "Am I next" and "Stop Police Brutality". The protesters were not the only ones present. Orange County Sheriffs Department were on horseback lining both sides of the street.

This is the start of an ongoing protest every weekend in Anaheim until justice for the police brutality and the end of such police presence is had. After speaking to a few community members the overall feeling in regards to the police presence is uneasiness, they are tired of the racism and class discrimination that is the deciding factor when officers pull the trigger on unarmed citizens only to be later called "self defense". never seeing justice for their harmed and lost loved ones.
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