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Stop Imperialist War against Syria
by Jose Maria Sison
Tuesday Jul 31st, 2012 3:08 AM
We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), condermn in the strongest terms the duplicitous scheme of the US and NATO in instigating, funding and arming the so-called Syrian National Council and Free Syrian Army to seek the violent overthrow of the Assad government in Syria and at the same time pushing a “peace plan” and then a “transitional government” under the auspices of the UN in order to politically outmanuever the Assad government and the anti-imperialist and democratic forces.

The US and NATO are hell-bent on effecting a regime change by escalating the war efforts of the mercenary “rebel forces” and exerting various economic and political pressures with the use of the UN and puppet regimes in the region in preparing for an all-out imperialist war of aggression as in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The Western corporate media are part and parcel of the imperialist war machine in moulding international public opinion to justify this criminal conspiracy.

The imperialist powers headed by the US detest the Assad government for asserting national sovereignty and independence, particularly against the US-Zionist combine, and want to replace said government with a puppet regime closely aligned with the imperialists’ hegemonic policy in the region. Burhan Ghallioun, a leading member of the imperialist funded Syrian National Council has promised to open up Syria to the West, end Syria’s strategic alliance with Iran which includes support for the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance to Israel and bring Syria closer to the arch-reactionary Arab puppet regimes.

Turkey is taking the lead as the US proxy in the war against the Assad government. It is providing the mercenary Free Syrian Army with rear bases close to the Syrian border where French and British special forces are providing training to “rebel” fighters. Weapons seized from the arsenals of the late Muammar Gaddafi are being brought in to the military bases in Turkey by unmarked NATO planes. The so-called Free Syrian Army is funded by governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These two countries are playing the same shameful role they played in the criminal imperialist operation against the Gaddafi government.

The Turkish foreign minister, Ahmet Davitoglu, has said in public that Turkey is ready to attack Syria as soon as there is agreement among the Western governments to do so. The naked aggression would be justified by the so-called “responsibility to protect” doctrine that has now become the standard pretext of the imperialists in trampling on the national sovereignty of countries.

The Western corporate media has stepped up its campaign of spreading lies about so-called atrocities by the Assad government. The famous “Homs massacre” attributed by Western governments and echoed by the Western media to the Syrian Army has turned out to be the handiwork of the armed “rebels”. A rebel commander Abu Rami has admitted to Spiegel Online that his death squads had executed more than 200 people in the city of Homs.

Just before Kofi Annan made his scheduled visit to Syria, news spread of a massacre of 108 people in the city of Houla on May 25 that included women and children. Western governments were quick to condemn the Assad government and expelled Syrian diplomats from their countries. The UN Security Council without any investigation similarly denounced the Syrian government. It later turned out that 700 armed fighters of the mercenary Free Syrian Army had carried out the massacre of families suspected of being loyal to Assad.

Annan in a public speech has called the Houla massacre the “tipping point.” The US and NATO have used the massacre in Houla to work more blatantly than ever before for the overthrow of Assad. They are no longer hiding the fact that the CIA is now active in southern Turkey delivering weapons and communications equipment to the mercenary Free Syrian Army.

Turkey has started to make provocations that could produce the pretexts for outright aggression. The shooting down by Syrian air defenses of a Turkish military jet that the Turkish government subsequently admitted to have “accidentally strayed” into Syrian airspace is now being used by the US and NATO in their sabre-rattling and war preparations.

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) resolutely supports the broad masses of the people and the anti-imperialist and democratic forces of Syria in their struggle against the US and NATO for their ongoing intervention in Syria and their preparations for a naked war of aggression against the people and government of Syria.

We call on all member organizations of ILPS, all progressive forces and all people of goodwill to mobilize and organize protest actions against the criminal actions of the imperialists that have already caused so much destruction and suffering in Syria and are tearing that country apart.

US and NATO, Hands off Syria!
Stop imperialist war!
Down with imperialism and all forms of reaction!
Assert national independence and sovereignty!
Long live the international solidarity of peoples!

Jose Maria Sison

Chairperson, International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS)

Founding Chairman, Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP)

Chief Political Consultant, National Democratic Front-Philippines (NDFP)

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by Pham Binh
Wednesday Aug 1st, 2012 6:26 AM
The Main Enemy In Syria

The anti-interventionists are repeating their mistakes over the Libyan revolution blunder-for-blunder over the Syria revolution. In place of their attacks on the Libyan NTC, they denounce the Syrian Nation Council (SNC); they dwell on the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) U.S. backing, just as they painted Libya’s rebels as tools of the CIA; instead of “hands off Libya,” they put forward the slogan “hands off Syria,” as if Syria’s death squads were Uncle Sam’s handiwork and not Assad’s.

Hyperbolic condemnations of the FSA, SNC, or the coordinating committees do nothing for Syrians whose lives do not depend on the anti-imperialist credentials of these groups but on whatever assistance they can provide. Similarly, criticisms that the Syrian revolution should rely less on armed struggle and more on strikes by workers have a questionable relationship to reality at best. Since when has a strike ever stopped a death squad from breaking down a door and murdering a sleeping family or prevented a civilian neighborhood from being shelled by artillery? Does anyone seriously believe that the Syrian struggle is being led astray by trigger-happy gunmen (most of whom are working for Assad, not against him)?

German socialist Karl Liebknecht wrote an anti-war leafleft in 1915 under the title, “The Main Enemy Is At Home!”

Our first duty in the West is to do whatever we can to aid, abet, and provide material support for our Syrian brothers’ and sisters’ fight against the Assad regime. Our main enemy is at home in the West, but theirs is not. Washington, D.C. is not sending death squads door-to-door to execute women and children, the regime in Damascus is; the Pentagon is not shelling civilian targets and killing journalists in Homs, the regime in Damascus is. Their main enemy is at home, just as ours is.

This grim reality must be our starting point in any discussion about Syria, not a hypothetical U.S. military action down the road, the contours of which cannot be known in advance. We cannot have the same attitude towards U.S. airstrikes on Assad’s forces and a full-scale ground invasion of Syria because their impact on and implications for the revolution would be completely different. The contours of imperialist intervention must shape our attitude towards it. Sending the FSA small arms and anti-tank missiles or video cameras is not the same as sending American marines into the streets of Damascus, although they are all forms of U.S. intervention.

Syrian revolutionaries know damn well what atrocities Uncle Sam is capable of – Iraq is right next door – and the Arab world knows better than we in the West ever will what the colonial boot feels like. To lecture them of perils and pitfalls they know better than we do is to insult their intelligence. To pretend that we know the dangers of dealing with imperialist devils better than Third World revolutionaries do is a kind of white anti-imperialist’s burden, and its arrogant paternalism is just as misguided as its colonialist antipode.

We have no business criticizing the SNC, FSA, or the coordinating committees unless and until we have fulfilled our first duty by matching our words of solidarity with deeds and acts that can make a difference in the revolution’s outcome, however small they might seem.

Self-Determination and Intervention

The biggest obstacle to Syrian self-determination today is the Assad regime which increasingly rests on Russian bayonets drenched in Syrian blood. He is determined to stay in power by any means necessary and will not rest until their struggle for self-determination (which is what a democratic revolution is) is buried, in mass graves if need be. Respect for Syrian self-determination means respecting how Syrian revolutionaries organize their struggle and their choices even when they conflict with our own preferences and choices.

If Syrian revolutionaries ask for Western airstrikes because they lack an air force to counter the Assad regime militarily, who are we to oppose those airstrikes? Who are we to tell them that all-out defeat is better than the triumph of a revolution “tainted” by an unavoidable compromise with imperialists powers? Who are we to tell them they must face Russian helicopter gunships without imperialist aid because “the revolution will be won by Syrians themselves or it won’t be won at all”? Do we really want our Syrian brothers and sisters to confront tanks with rocks and slingshots as so many Palestinians have?

While the Western left is raising a hue and cry over the minimal aid Syria’s rebels receive from the CIA and reactionary Gulf states, Russia is overtly ramping up its military aid to Assad. Whether we like it or not, the struggle between the Syrian revolution and Assad’s counter-revolution has been internationalized just as the Spanish civil war of 1936-1939 was. The Western left in those days demanded foreign intervention in the form of arms, military aid, and volunteers for the Spanish Republic. The anti-interventionists (mostly fascists or fascist sympathizers) were more than happy to see the Republic starved in the name of “non-intervention” while Hitler bombed Guernica and did everything possible to ensure Franco’s victory.

Those who oppose Western military action today against Assad in the context of a revolution that has developed into a full-blown civil war where segments of the revolution and the people are begging for foreign arms, aid, and airstrikes while the counter-revolution imports arms to slaughter them follow in the anti-interventionist footsteps of the Spanish Republic’s opponents whether they are aware of it or not.

“Hands off Syria” should be the slogan raised at demonstrations in front of Russian embassies and consulates around the world, not the one directed at foreign powers aiding the rebels lest we become little better than Assad’s unwitting executioners in the eyes of revolutionary Syrians. Instead of focusing our fire on the shortcomings of the SNC, FSA, and the coordinating committees, we should be organizing events and fund-raisers for humanitarian relief, fact-finding missions, and video and communications equipment with the aim of smuggling it into Syria. These activities are already taking place but not with the participation of the Western left since we are more worried about our precious anti-imperialist principles and hypothetical Libya-style airstrikes (as if the outcome there was a step backward and not a step forward) than tackling the ugly realities of the Syrian revolution whose straits become more desperate with each passing hour.

We fiddle furiously while Syria burns and Syrians bleed.

The most important thing for the Western left to do is to forge close and enduring relationships with revolutionary Syrians living abroad by demonstrating our unequivocal support for their revolution through deeds, through joint work with their communities. Only in that context and on that basis can criticisms we have about deals with U.S. imperialism or mistakes made by the SNC, FSA, and the coordinating committees gain a hearing among the people who count: revolutionary Syrians.

One way to begin building these relationships would be to organize forums and debates over the question of intervention with revolutionary Syrians of various shades of opinion. The single most embarrassing aspect of the Western left’s opposition to NATO’s Libya operation was the way revolutionary Libyans were barred from Libya forums organized by anti-interventionists.

This outrage was the absurd but logical outcome of the white anti-imperialist’s burden, a burden we must cast aside if we hope to act in concert with the Arab Spring.


The Western left should reject knee-jerk anti-imperialism because its unthinking, blind, reflexive, natureput us at odds with the interests and explicit demands of first the Libyan and now the Syrian revolutionary peoplesand in line with the interests of their mortal enemies.

Knee-jerk anti-imperialism leads to our enemies doing our thinking for us: whatever Uncle Sam wants, we oppose; whatever Uncle Sam opposes, we want. This method plays right into U.S. imperialism’s hands because the last thing Uncle Sam wants is a thinking enemy.
Displaying massacre photos of past injustices without any back ground proof does not in anyway prove the pictures authentricity. It also avoids the national and international laws of the second world war that have become worldwide de facto and de jure national and international law on the status of aggressive war.

The photos mostly are biased and push more war as the conclusions that the west must use to move forward in international affairs. That facilitates lies deliberately that the Imperialist Camp's on-going aggression against the Holyland, erstwhile middle east is valid, and not a target of the anti-Imperialist Camp, and that Imperialism is not the source of all aggressive wars as massacres in the modern world, but that the resistence to Imperialist Aggression by the peoples fighting for independence and freedom from foreign military occupation is some how simply a "knee Jerk reaction". What worker can afford a six million dollar drone, or a million and half dollar missle, not to mention Harpers' one hundred thousand dollar a bomb price which he bought to be dropped on Libya. Only Imperialism can afford such polluted destruction of the web-of-life.

The big fact being left out by the Imperialist Binh is how in fact Syria is being invaded by the proxy Western Imperialist client states of Saudi, Qutar, Bahrain, and assorted Libyan, Iraqi, Afgani, etc. hired, trained, and paid mercenaries all under the umbrella of propaganda from the U.S. Media and Pentagon that every massacre is only to be blamed on Assad.

Before the Western Sponsored paid mercenary invasion of Syria the Syrian people, and government were living in peace, and were non-belligerant to the worlds' peoples. Syria a full paid up member of the United Nations, which is supposed to protect the sovereignty as independence of all its member states.

It has become clear that the U.S. Imperialists before and after 9/11 had named six nations for regime change such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Yugoslavia, and a few others for future strategic regime change such as Russia and China. This was made clear by the Pentagon to retired general Wesley Clarke. The Pentagon has a long history of planning wars for the future and they all are about regime change and theft of that countries resources, by making client state obeyant to the Imperialist camps dictates.

Nato headed by U.S. Pentagon and White house are the known pistol heads of the Imperialist camp, and it is they that head all reaction knee-jerk or otherwise dictatorship reaction in the world, with full spectrum dominance as their Empire's goal globally.

The Phillipines is presently occupied illegally by the U.S. Military, and it is that and its puppet police and military that is the source of massacres there in the present and last centuries.

This after the U.S. Military provided 50% of the war materials to the Japanese fascist- military clique before the second world war, while crying broke to their own working class and denighing them a living wage during the thirties.

More war crimes in Asia done by U.S. Imperialist troops are the killing five million Koreans (1945-53), landing troops in the Phillipines in 1898, and killing 450,000 Phillipine army and civilians immediately in Manilla, and then returning all the Spanish Imperialist property to the Spanish Conquistadores, giving the Phillipine people two enemies instead of the liberation they had won by their own fighting for independence and freedom from Spain. Also by 1925, the U.S. Imperialist Military had killied over one million Phillipine citizens, and their fighters for liberation from foreign domination, and then setting in place a puppet state (army and police) which is still there today in the form of the Aguino Govt.

The U.S. recent adventures on the Asian killing fields is not ancient history. The living world rembers the U.S. denial of the Geneva Aggreements and denial of the 1956 Vietnamese planned vote for independence, and freedom from foreign rule done by Pres. Eisenhower. The subsequent killing of five million people in Indo-China such as Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, while leaving five million acutely and chronically poisoned for generations with no way to get the chemical poisons out of their organic bodies. The poisoning was also bad to plant and animals, so much so that some hundreds of species died and are also suffering genetically to this day.

The U.S.A. is guilty of war crimes of the worst sort globally, and it will be the recipient of each and every countries verdict on these deliberate war crimes. That has not happened yet in its full and final decision.

Those Western backed killing squads, who are committing war crimes inside of Syria by murdering the Syrian people are the planning and doing of aggressive war which Nuremberg Trials say are the SUPREME INTERNATIONAL CRIMES ON THE PLANET EARTH. No amount of lies blaming Assad or Sison will every erase the criminal war crimes of the Imperialist Camp throughout the area known as the worlds' Holyland and the Asian mainland.

The U.S. Imperialist Military has been instructed by the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, Mao-tse-Tung, that they must take their U.S. Troops out of all the countries that they have invaded in the world. That is not idle talk. That is the order of the world working classes. Failure to do so will be judged full well, and not on the time of the Imperial Systems globally.

Mao is for the complete, total, dismantling of all the nuclear weapons on earth. He says that China will host or be hosted for a political meeting of all nations possessing nuclear weapons, and with one item on the agenda-- the complete and total dismantling of all nuclear weapons on planet earth. He openly states in his written works on war, that the communist parties of the world are all dedicated to the elimination of war, and are the only parties that are formed and organized to fully do so. Workers of the world, unite!!
This is also on-going throughout the world, and has a sooner rather than later import.

The Lawless wrecking of the British, American, French, Israeli, Imperialist side, and the destruction of the U.S. Client states such as Turkey, Saudi, Quatar, and Baharain, is in content what the Nuremberg Trials designate as the Supreme International Crime on the Planet Earth. That is the world law brought into being by the anti-fascist fighters of the second world war.

The recent passing of an anti-Syian law by the general assembly of the United Nations is cruel, unjust, and unusual. It contains not a word of the serial war crimes of the Western proxy killer death squads trained, equipped and paid for by the Imperialist Camp throughout the middle east, let alone their regional client states that made up that law.

Law must contain the truth of the material world-in-motion to be valid. That unjust law passed by the general assembly of the United Nations Aug. 3rd 2012, shows that the Imperialist Camp has succeeded in making wrong over right prevail, and that the security Council has chosen to lie about the anti-Imperialist side. China and Russia have stood up and uposed the lies of Western Imperialism while telling the truth about the lawless wrecking going on inside Syria by outside external paid killers, who are carrying the line of the Pentagon and Israel that all violence is only done by Assad. In fact the opposite is true and he is trying to protect the Syrian population who support him in the majority.

The U.S. Judge Jackson who chaired the NUREMBERG TRIALS (1945-46), when he and the allies wrote into international world law, 'THAT THE PLANNING AND DOING OF AGGRESSIVE WARS IS THE SUPREME CRIME ON THE PLANET EARTH', as it actuates all other crimes high, low, big and small. He further says that it is the supreme international crime whether Germany does it or the U.S.A. does it.

Workers of the world, unite!! End pollution wars, not endless wars for more and more pollution. You yet have a world to win!!
by Robert
Monday Aug 13th, 2012 4:04 AM

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